E-commerce Leader JD.com Helps Competitors Boost Sales

Due to the fast growth of technology and e-commerce, many brick-and-mortar businesses various challenges with declining sales and clientele. They are not able to keep up with the accessibility and resources e-commerce sites offer to the public. Now, thanks to JD.com, some Chinese bookstores are receiving a helping hand in reviving their businesses. JD.com, also known as Jingdong, is the largest online retailer in China. The company constantly and effectively utilizes their vast resources and expertise to remain a strong leader in e-commerce. This leadership behavior extends beyond their personal business model, as they are known to provide support and services to other companies as well.

JD.com possesses a varied selection of retail items, which includes their own prominent online bookstore. Due to the fast growth of e-commerce, Jingdong has decided to contribute assistance to several brick-and-mortar bookstores, in an effort to strengthen their sales and refresh their business. By using their technology and customer base, they have begun to reinforce previous areas where the bookstores were experiencing their challenges and have already started to make strides by increasing brick-and-mortar sales. JD.com now sources all books for these bookstores from their own inventory, eliminating the previous task the stores had of maintaining and communicating with more than 60 book suppliers on their own.

Bookstores now have access to restock their inventory weekly through JD.com’s expansive literary inventory, which has saved them labor costs, and helps avoid any inventory delivery delays. The virtual inventory JD.com has allows these book stores to expand the number of books they can offer their customer’s. If a book is not found instore, the client may simply order the title online, and have it delivered directly to them. By not having to worry about encountering inventory limitations due to physical space, these book stores have maintained their clientele, and increased their sales. Additionally, using Jingdong’s technology, book stores have accessed data regarding customer buying behaviors. This in turn has also helped boost their sales strategies and further understand their clientele.