Serge Belamant – A guru In Innovation And Technology In The World Market

Today, technology has changed the face of business. There has been digital transformation and innovation in the world market. Because of inventions in technology, most businesses are moving from traditional mode of operation to a more advanced technology oriented ways of management and operations. Change is a constant thing in life and it has become imperative to every business person to embrace digital transformation. Delivering effective and a more reliable service to customers requires the use of new innovations and technology. The market trend has been changing gradually. New innovative ways for business have been invented. In the mode of transactions, the world market celebrates Serge Belamant who invented the first Blockchain Debit card that is in high use today. A graduation was seen in market transactions when Blockchain Debit Card was invented making transactions be done wireless.

Serge Belamant wiki, Bio

He was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. Studied Computer science and applied mathematics at the university of Witwatersrand. He later chose to do information systems at the same institution. He has a track record of changing courses at the university to sooth his interest.

His Career, contributions

Serge Belamant is the former Chief Executive Officer of the NET 1 UEPS Technologies Inc. he has diverse skills in computer science and online and offline transaction processing systems. He also has experience in biometrics and operations research. He has won several international awards because of his expertise in technology. He is the one responsible for designing Saswitch ATM network in South Africa. Saswitch ATM has currently rated the biggest ATM switching system globally.

Serge Belmont’s biggest achievement is his invention of the first Block Chain Debit card used in business transactions today. He invented Blockchain debit card that has revolutionized banking industry today. This, he did through UEPS company. Blockchain uses cryptography in creating a digital transactions record. Here, money transactions are protected through their code. The system has helped in deterring theft in banks, reducing banking fees, lowering taxes and saving time in transactions.

To sum it up, Serge Belamant has contributed hugely in innovation and technology used in business transactions. he has helped NET 1 UEPS grow to new heights of success. Thanks to his competence and experience in technology.

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