How Slyce Will Change the Way We Shop for Shoes

Slyce Inc. recently announced that it will be using its image recognition technology with the retailer Shoe Carnival. Shoe Carnival sells a variety of footwear for people of all ages and has become quite popular. Mobile shoppers will be able to use to get a quick photo of any footwear they like and find it within the site. Users will be able to take real-world photos or use magazine pictures to search what exactly they’re looking for. Shoe Carnival will present them with matches and the user will be able to buy the shoes within minutes. According to the report on MarketWired, Shoe Carnival is one of the largest shoe retailers in the US and Puerto Rico, with 400 stores.

This partnership with Shoe Carnival will show the world the technology of Slyce and how efficient and beneficial it can be. Consumers will be delighted that all they’ll have to do is snap a photo to find what they are looking for, without having to input any other data into the search. Slyce will get revenues from use of the software licensing and service fees. Shoe Carnival Inc. carries moderately priced footwear for adults and children. The headquarters is in Evansville, Indiana and it is a growing retailer. To see the full article about this partnership, click here .

Slyce Inc. is based out of Toronto, ON and is run by CEO Mark Elfenbein. It is a visual search technology that helps consumers find products they are looking for in the most efficient way possible. Shopper will no longer have to sift through hundreds of search pages to try and find what they are looking for. Instead of typing in a general description of an item into a search bar and looking through results for long periods of time, they’ll be able to get instant results with the use of a photo.

So far, Slyce technology is being used by retail brands such as Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, Urban Outfitters, Tilly’s, and JCPenney. Users will be able to connect with new stores and brands quickly with the use of this technology, and retailers will be able to reach out to more consumers. The technology is extremely convenient and is going to change the way in which consumers shop throughout the world.

How To Manage Your Online Reputation Effectively


Many people have no idea what online reputation is or how their online reputation can affect their personal life or their career. When your reputation gets ruined it is extremely important that you take appropriate steps to repair it.


University of Missouri assistant professor, Melissa Click, found herself in big trouble with the law and consequently her reputation tarnished. Melissa was attending students protests at the university when she made a mistake that could have cost her job.


She was caught on video encouraging violence, and the incidence led to her been suspended while an investigation was going on. Melissa also faced a third-degree assault charge and was ordered to complete community service.


Although Melissa acknowledged admitted her wrong choice of words, she said that her action was not meant to cause encourage or cause violence.


Three months following the incident, Click consulted with the experts at Status Labs, a top rated online reputation management firm. Once Melissa discussed with Status Labs reputation management specialists, she had confidence that her personal and professional reputation would be restored.


One of the most effective and best ways to ensure a positive reputation online is to hire the services of an established and reliable reputation management firm. That way, you can be sure that they will respond to reviews and other online posts or feedback.


There are many companies out there promising to provide you with effective reputation repair and reputation management solutions but you need to keep in mind that not all firm offering reputation management are created equal. It is imperative to choose a reputation management firm that comes highly recommended in the industry. That’s where Status Labs can help.


Status Labs is well known for providing high quality reputation repair and reputation restoration solutions to clients. The company has a team of reputation management specialists and each of their professionals has many years of experience in the field. 

WEN Conditioner Makes Waves in the Haircare Industry

One blogger at opted to sample and review the WEN by Chaz Dean shampoo. The Wen shampoo is actually a convenient blend of shampoo and conditioners together in one bottle. In order to achieve results, the blogger used the required 10 pumps of product for her short hair. Almost immediately after she massaged the product into her hair, she began to notice some positive results. Her normally thin hair felt more voluminous to the touch while she was still in the shower, and after she dried her hair, she noticed that it was definitely more voluptuous than normal. Additionally, she noticed that she had hardly lost any hair while shampooing. Throughout the week, she received compliments from friends on the overall shine that was present in her hair. This blogger was very pleased with the results that she experienced from using WEN.

It is a sulfate free cleanser, which is important for those that want to achieve a high level of volume for their hair styles. Extra unnecessary chemicals can weigh the hair down and make it appear to be flat. These chemicals can also dry and damage hair over time. For this reason, the superior Wen line chooses to formulate their products without the use of sulfates. When consumers purchase Wen, they are actually purchasing on Amazon five different hair care products in one convenient bottle. Not only does WEN function as a shampoo and conditioner, but it also a substitute for deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler.




QNet Makes Pledge to Rythm Project

QNet, which used to be known as QuestNet, is a company based in Hong Kong that specializes in direct selling. The company has a large selection of products that it sells, including personal care products, energy and weight management products, and home care accessories. The company was initially developed in 1998, but has continued to expand as it has grown a larger online presence. The company has operated in dozens of countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe and has continued to be profitable and in a strong growth mode.

While the company does very well selling hundreds of different products online, it also is well known for being very charitable by giving back to the community. The most recent charitable act by the company has been its partnership with The Rhythm Project, in an attempt to build a Positive Thoughts Network.

The Rhythm Project, which is a charitable organization, received a pledge from QNet to donate some of its more expensive and in-demand products to a local school if the project was able to hit a certain number of positive thoughts on a Facebook page. The organization needed a total of 500 positive messages to receive a HomePure RED product to Taarana, a school that is designated for students with special needs.

This is not the first time that QNet has been active in supporting charitable causes. The company has been reported to donate large sums of money to various foundations, including Lions Club International. They also have fantastic reviews on Glassdoor as they pour a lot of attention and resources into keeping their team happy, informed and connected with each other.

Some of the awesome entries we’ve received so far for #AbsoluteLiving #StayFitThank you for your submission…

Posted by QNET (Official) on Monday, March 28, 2016

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The Law Is On Their Side! Animals Shelters in Need

Go Fund Me Campaigns have become a part of our moral compass for helping others in need. Those less fortunate need our help and this is an important way to be a part of something good. One such campaign fund has found a unique way to assist those who cannot speak for themselves. Ross Abelow is a dedicated New York City based attorney who has been instrumental in setting up a “Go Fund Me” site to raise funds and awareness for stray animals.

Mr. Abelow is a longtime leading partner in the New York legal community and as such, can lend his voice to this campaign, to ensure that all stray animals are taken in and taken care of at their most vulnerable time. By reaching out to the great citizens of New York City and beyond, Mr. Abelow hopes that his effort to raise funds for animals in need will lead to a better life for them in loving forever homes.

As an attorney-at-law with over twenty years of experience, Mr. Abelow has certainly seen his fair share of winning cases. Those that he serve have a voice when it comes to their defense, but stray animals are not normally on the winning end. They have no rights or recourse and must rely sole on the generosity of others to help them. In raising awareness of the greater need to protect stray animals, Abelow has shined a light on this ever growing problem. He hopes that people will give generously so that these animals will be safe from the harsh weather elements.

The demand is high in animal shelters all over the country due to overcrowding, under staffing and budget cuts. Many of our four legged friends are unable to stay in shelters due to lack of space and limited food supplies necessary to keep them safe.
Mr. Abelow has taken on a tough case but his creative idea of setting up a “Go Fund Me” site will certainly be a winning one for our furry friends.

Advanced Video Communication Technology and Talk Fusion

Bob Reina and a Vision for the Future
Bob Reina is the founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. When he started this company in the year 2007, he had a vision for the future. His vision was clear and innovation was incorporated within the entire plan itself. He had a goal to help make dreams come true with the help of technology.

Talk Fusion is Connecting People Around the World
Talk Fusion is a company that began in the year 2007. The use of cutting technology has enabled people through the entire world to connect and communicate. This is empowerment and innovation mixed together. The combination of innovation and empowerment are two of the ingredients that turn dreams into reality. The ability to connect people through the globe has led to powerful solutions that really matter.

A Growing Company Meeting the Future
Talk Fusion has continued to grow right from the beginning. Bob Reina had a clear vision. He rushed in to meet the future. The following tools are part of the Talk Fusion technology:
* video emails
* video chat
* live conferencing and meeting solutions
* video newsletters
* marketing and reporting enhancements

Making a Huge Impact
The highly skilled and impressive team at Talk Fusion are working together to make a difference in the lives of others. The impact has been huge.

Keeping A Firm Code of Ethics in Place
It should be know that Talk Fusion is involved with the Direct Selling Association. Talk Fusion is a proud member. The DSA Code of Ethics is followed by this company. A firm code of ethics is included and weaved into all products and sales.

Bob Reina and the Win for Everyone
Bob Reina has always been a team player. He is a former police officer who enjoys seeing everyone win. A win-win scenario is the best outcome. Talk Fusion will leave everyone involved with a positive win and connection that creates lasting relationships and includes superior communication.

Best Product For Oily Hair

Wen hair products by Chaz Dean has been called Magic in a Bottle by some. These products turn fine limp hair into luscious healthy hair. An all in one shampoo and conditioner, Wen hair products are proud to say they work on all hair types. With that being said, this product line was put to the test by Emily McClure. She chronicled her use and findings of the WEN products and even took pictures to document the results for us to see.

One day one, she read the directions on how to shampoo and condition her hair. She will tell you that it is very important to use follow the directions on the bottle. she has very oily hair and at first she was skeptical. As she continues to use WEN product for a week, she notices that her hair does look healthier and less limp and fine. During the middle of the week, when she doesn’t have time to shower and shampoo, she finds her hair is horrible. She notes that for someone who doesn’t wash hair everyday, this could be a problem. She did find the results were very positive. She had many compliments on how shiny and healthy her hair was. She determined that the product was able to make fine limp hair more full.

Chaz Dean believes in a holistic approach to life. His Wen hair products on ebay and techniques are healthy. His is a firm believer in teaching clients how to effectively maintain the health of their hair. Even his line of coloring products disregards the use of bleaches or peroxides. They energy he uses at work is the same philosophy he has with life.