Quincy in New Brunswick Pizza Robberies and Shootings on the Rise


On May 7, 2013, a pizza deliveryman arrived at his destination at the Quincy Circle apartment complex at approximately 9:30 in the evening. He was told that no one had ordered pizza from that address, so he turned to leave. As he attempted to return to his car, three people confronted him and told him that the pizza was for them.


The assailants then turned a gun on him and demanded the pizza and his wallet. He complied with the demand and the three men fled the scene to a nearby parking lot. Witnesses said that the three men drove away in a dark colored minivan. There was very little information in order to conduct a good investigation; however, they later received a lead based on the phone call made to order the pizza. The phone used to make the call to order the pizza came back to a gang kingpin.


Police arrested Parysh Wood, who is now behind bars at Middlesex County Correction Center. The investigation took four months and no other suspects have been arrested for the crime. Fortunately, no one was physically harmed during this robbery.


This was not the last violent crime to occur in the quiet neighborhood of Quincy in New Brunswick, NJ. A shooting in the same area occurred on October 7, 2015. The quiet night was suddenly disturbed when four shots rang out. A gang member shot another man, and from all accounts, an unidentified driver drove the injured man to the hospital. Police believe that the driver may have been the shooter.


Injuries to the victim were not life threatening. Police were later called back to the apartment complex when more evidence of the shooting was found. Several spent bullets were found in the area. The perpetrator is still at large and the police investigation is ongoing.


The police captain at the scene told reporters that these types of violent crimes are becoming more commonplace in the neighborhood. It is unfortunate that gang activity has penetrated this neighborhood where families are simply trying to live their lives peacefully. With any luck, police officials will narrow down the suspects and close these cases with a satisfactory end.


It is important for residents to note when they see something out of place or witness a crime in action. Cooperating with law enforcement officers is key to lowering or halting crime acted out by gang members and their rivals.


These Tips From Professional Party Planners Will Help You Throw A Stunning Party

When it comes to throwing a party, it can be hard to find the balance between impressing your guests and keeping your sanity. With so many details to stay on top of, it’s easy to find yourself feeling completely exhausted by the time that your guests arrive.


We asked professional event planners in NYC to give us some tips when it comes to being the perfect host as well as the organized planner. By following these tips, you’ll be able to throw a successful and exciting party without wearing yourself out before the party even begins.



  1. Make Up a Theme


Everyone loves a themed party. Pick a historical period or a movie that you and your friends love. Be sure to keep this theme in mind when you’re picking out the decor, the menu and your outfit!



  1. Create a Designated Bar Area


Let guests serve themselves alcohol by creating a bar inside your home. Convert a piece of furniture into a well-stocked bar that contains mixers, cocktail napkins, assorted glassware and fun and creative garnishes.



  1. Create a Signature Cocktail


Show off your creative side by developing a signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy. Have fun experimenting with different flavors, colors and garnishes. You can arrange these cocktails on a large tray that is placed somewhere by the entrance so that guests can start loosening up as soon as they enter your home.



  1. Create a Special Table Just for Kids


If you plan on having children at your party, create a space that’s just for them. Set up a table that has puzzles, crayons and dishware that is safe for kids. Your guests who have children will appreciate it beyond belief.



  1. Give Useful Party Favors


Everyone has taken home party favors that ended up in the garbage. For your party, give out favors that actually serve a purpose. You can bake some cookies to give out to your guests or pick up some beautiful handmade soaps from your local soap shop.



  1. Go with a Professional


If you want to play host without worrying about the stress of planning and throwing a party, hire a professional planner. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning company in NYC with a reputation for turning people’s party-related dreams into realities. Whether you’re throwing a small dinner party for 10 or an anniversary party for 100, Twenty Three Layers can manage the small details as well as the big decisions.

Visit their office in New York: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

George Soros is a charitable benefactor

An innumerable amount of knowledgeable individuals all over this wide world believe strongly that elected President, Donald Trump, has the heart of a conniving person and is in fact an oppressor. A superb amount of evidence, is the overabundance of numerous citizens who avow this standpoint, chiefly Mr. George Soros. He is deeply aware of such tyrannical men as they steadfastly snatch power on BusinessInsider.com, persons like Mr Trump with no ambition of supporting the populace that they stand for and quite the reverse they long for generating mayhem. Mr. George Soros decided to abandon his place of birth to head for America, escaping Nazi-subjugated Hungary. George Soros managed to escape the horrors of the Holocaust and he maintains a deep individual understanding of how evil people can subjugate command from a nation and spread out their derisive way of life over the group of people who reside there.

Mr. George Soros, and numerous masses of the general population who have experienced dealing principally with Donald Trump, know without doubt that Mr. Trump had no outlook of becoming nominated as the President and as a matter of fact Mr. Trump was trying to bring together an all-embracing awareness to his company’s existence on opensocietyfoundations.org. However, considering that Mr. Trump is the President now, not a soul is certain of what Trump might in reality take part in doing. This is for the most part because Mr. Trump is legendary for being clearly incapable of thinking through to cogent outcomes, and by and large rambles on endlessly, from an grab-bag of frenzied ideals on discoverthenetworks.org.

Soros is admired for enduring a momentous history of humanely goodhearted transactions. George Soros contributed donations over and above billions of dollars as assistance, to care for firms that were impoverished, plus donating to persons that were to a great extent poverty-stricken. George, is principally, motivated to backing those who strive to conquer prejudice, to shape public equality, and to watch over the people’s civil liberties in the face of extremism. George is known to be in disagreement with the campaign known by many as the “War on Drugs”. This is because George has personally witnessed how legitimately accessible marijuana has assisted citizens with handling a large quantity of medical tribulations on Politico.

Soros is distinguished on a wide-reaching platform as a devotee of productive marijuana consumption. He benignly generated a gargantuan contribution, in the range of many millions, to achieve the ambition of supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign as Presidential nominee. Mr. George Soros sanctioned a philanthropic $1 million to sustain the drive to reelect Obama for President. Mr. Soros is distinguished as a campaigner of LGBT civil liberties and is unanimously recognized as a donator to same-sex charities.

Soros is celebrated for establishing aid for the duties required by various legal entities. His monetary support has affected the freeing of countless of unfairly caged people, and Mr. Soros is unwavering in his aspiration to help out those who long for an education, yet be unable to financially afford one.

Having Your Own Amazing Online Shopping Experience at Fabletics

There are women right now who have decided that shopping at Amazon for apparel just is not the experience they had anticipated, and these women are now happily shopping at Fabletics instead. While the company offers rock-bottom prices on high-end workout apparel, it is the buying experience as a whole that is transforming this industry. To get a better understanding why Fabletics is fast-becoming the leader in selling sports apparel, we need to dig a little into the makings of this company.


To start, you really can’t go wrong when you have the likes of Kate Hudson as the co-founder. The company got global recognition when ti starting offering customers the opportunity to buy any piece of apparel for $25 with free shipping. Women were used to paying over $100 for the same pieces on Amazon, but now getting it at a fraction of the price with free shipping too. Where the big difference in shopping experiences is apparent, you get VIP membership at Fabletics that is changing the way women shop online.


Fabletics has taken the concept of reverse showrooming and taken it to new heights. The company actually encourages you browse offline, because they have developed a unique way to combine that with the online experience. A staggering number of people who walk trough the retail shops and buy, see their items automatically added to their online shopping carts. That means if they leave the store and then shop online later that night, every item is waiting for them to close out the sale. They get exactly what they want at prices that even Amazon can not touch.


But Fabletics is more than juts a low price online outlet, it is a whole shopping experience. Once you make your initial purchase, you are encouraged to take a Lifestyle Quiz, and upon completion you receive your VIP membership. Unlike other memberships that are nothing but a fancy name and nothing more, with the Fabletics VIP status, you get locked into a $49.95 price point on future orders. Even if the yoga pants normally sell on the site for $128, you pay $49.95 and again get free shipping. Amazon charges $75+ for annual 2-day shipping, Fabletics gives all it’s VIP member free shipping for life.


What do women around the country say about Fabletics? Here are comments on very popular review websites that tell the story:


According to Suzi who left a comment at Trust Pilot, “I love the fact that every month a shopping associate at Fabletics picks out something based on my quiz results. If I love it, I buy it. If not, I shop for something else. Simple and easy!!!!”


Tami remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I love being able to window shop at the store with no money, then go home that night and when i get paid just checkout online. Seriously? Could this get easier?”


Chris commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “I bought a 3-piece workout set last month for $49.95. The exact same outfit on Amazon was selling for $119 with 2-day shipping. I love Fabletics”.

US Money Reserve Aims At Boosting Customer Experience Through Their Improved Website

A while ago, the US Money Reserve proudly announced their new and enhanced online platform. The new looks of the firm’s website mirrors their prestige as the pioneer in the industry. The new added features reflect the core values of the company; trust and commitment to provision of superior service experience to customers. The complete online redesign features amazing photography of the firm’s distinguished and notable leader, the current company’s president and former Director of US Mint, Philip Diehl, in addition to a new photo gallery of coins. This new site is aimed at educating customers on the advantages that come with possessing government-issued bullions, as well as enhancing their experience of using gold coins to purchase precious metals.


The firm’s Vice President of Brands and Creativity, Ryan Buchanan, explained how the company was now in possession of a fully-responsive device that would enable them generate content throughout their platforms, enhance interaction with their clients, and provide the best precious metal products in the world, through their highly secure online storefront. Buchanan was in charge of the whole redesign, including implementation of various new features, and applications channeled towards enlightening customers and making the purchase of bullions easier.


The ever-growing virtual shop offers a live competitive valuing of Silver and Gold bars and bullion. Furthermore, the US Money Reserve provides PCGS-certified coins and exclusive products for discerning buyers of precious metals. Clients are able to sign up for free gold info tool and tour the knowledge center to get up-to-date information regarding precious metals and the terms associated with purchasing, minting, and grading coins. Latest updates concerning the market on precious metals can be found in the Full Headline Gold Newsroom.


With the Client-Connect Advantage, the firm can now easily contact their clients for a one-on-one consultation, purchasing assistance, secure offline transactions, and special offline release. The company’s BuyBack Guarantee has been termed as the industry’s best return policy since it provides a complete refund on all certified coin orders within 30 days, and at the prevailing market value. Having the fastest insured mode of shipping, and new programs such as Gold Standard IRA, it is basically the reason why clients find the firm’s new era to be exciting.


For many years, clients have put all their trust in US Money Reserve’s ability to help them in choosing the best quality, and most relevant valuable metals for their collections. Most of these individuals are currently considered to be in profitable positions owing to their wise purchases.

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Let George Street Photos and Videos Capture Unique Wedding Photography

You have a thousands things on your mind when you are planning to get married. Let George Street Photos and Video take some of the stress out of wedding photography. https://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/george-street-photo-video/5c781569306e1f06.html

Denver, Colorado

You are blessed with many great locations in Denver. Give your pictures a historic flair by having them taken in Olde Town Arvada. The old flour mill looks perfect as a backdrop. Alternatively, for beautiful nature wedding photos consider Red Rocks Park. Use the amphitheater for unique sitting shots or capture that special kiss in the arch.

Atlanta, Georgia

If you are getting married in Atlanta, then make sure to consider Piedmont Park. Capture photos on the field with the city’s gorgeous skyline behind you. Alternatively, the Lake Clara Meer Dock bridge makes for awesome natural shots.

Regardless of what you are thinking, consult with the professionals at George Street Photos and Videos to make your wedding photos unique.


Bruno Fagali: Integrity In His Terms

Bruno Fagali, a leading lawyer and the Corporate Integrity Manager of nova/sb, premier advertising agency in Brazil, is changing the concepts how the traditional advertising agencies work. Considering the economic downturns of the country and the mood of the nation against corruption, his views and way of governance getting huge popularity. His actions and interventions helped the firm to notch up the top spot in the advertising industry, and the firm is now greatly advantaged with the reputation.

Bruno Fagali implemented a Corporate Integrity Program at nova/sb and given training to the employees of various teams. He helped the firm to constitute an employee ethics committee as part of the program. The firm has adopted equal treatment for both employees and members. It should be noted that as the agency is getting a sizable number of contracts from government, it thought of making a clean-up in its operations. Bruno Fagali foresees that in the near future the government may force to carry out various integrity measures to ensure transparency to all the affiliated agencies.

The implementation of the transparency measures has helped the firm to reach its presence internationally. Nova/sb is the only 100% Brazilian agency that is invited to participate in various advertising competitions of international organizations. Being a specialist in Communication Public Interest (CIP), the firm could work with World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) in their campaigns.

Bruno Fagali also has set-up a law firm named Fagali Advocacia. He is a specialist in Electoral Law, bidding law, Anti-Corruption, administrative contracts, urban law, Public law, regulatory law, etc. Fagali is also an associate at IBDEE – Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics. Bruno Fagali serves as the member of the committee Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics – SCCE. He completed his masters in State Law from the University of Sao Paulo.

Source: http://www.jusbrasil.com.br/topicos/33040264/bruno-jorge-fagali



Ignition Financial Auto Refinancing Will Save You Money Right Away

Buying a new car can be a very exciting experience for many people. This is especially true when a person is buying her very first new car. However, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made during the car buying process. Most of the decisions involve the vehicle itself. Car buyers need to find a vehicle that has all of the options that they want that is also priced within their budget. What most people pay little attention to while purchasing a new car is the financing options that are available. This is because car dealers get you to go with their easy in-house financing so that you can get your new car fast. Unfortunately, this is usually a costly mistake.


Car dealers make a lot of money from arranging auto financing for their customers. That is why they are so interested in persuading you to go with their financing plan rather than giving you the chance to explore other options. When a car dealer arranges a loan, they get the money from the bank at a lower interest rate that is known in the business as the “market rate.” The dealer then adds several interest points onto the loan and makes a deal with you at the what is called the “contract rate.” The dealer is able to keep the difference between the market rate and the contract rate as profit for himself.


Now, when you think about the price of a new car, you can easily see how even a small increase in the interest rate has an enormous effect on your monthly car payment. Consider further, that car dealers typically add between two and four percentage points onto the loans that they arrange and you will quickly realize how much more you are paying for your car than you should be paying. Now that you understand how you’ve been ripped-off by the auto dealer, you may want to know: How can I slash my payments?


The answer to your question is that you can easily cut your car payments by refinancing your vehicle at a lower interest rate. Most people have never heard of auto refinancing. However, fast and easy auto refinancing is readily available at Ignition Financial. The highly-experienced professionals at Ignition Financial are dedicated to working hard to get all of their customers the best interest rates available on their auto refinance loans. Call Ignition Financial today and slash your car payments right away.



The Great Hair Care Product Debate

When it comes to hair care, you may find yourself wondering what products will work best for your hair. Shampoos are not all alike. There are many on the market that will damage your hair rather than make it more manageable. The primary reason for this is that some shampoos contain phthalates that damaged the cuticle of the hair and strip it of its natural oils. Conditioners can also be an issue if they are too heavy and don’t rinse clean. It is hard to determine which of those brands are helpful or harmful to your hair. Wen is neither a shampoo or a plain conditioner. It is a conditioning cleanser and is a product that can eliminate the product delima.

Wen was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/store.aspx. He created the product to give his clients the results that they desired without harming their hair. He knew that most shampoos simply stripped the natural oils from hair and he wanted to clean the hair without damaging it.

Wen is made with botanicals that are meant to make your hair more healthy while gently removing dirt, oil, and pollutants from the air. By simply applying the product to your damp hair and working it through you can restore your hair and when you rinse and dry it you will be left with healthy, soft, and manageable hair. After just one use you will see an incredible difference in the look and feel of your hair. For more product information, visit Wen.com. Follow Wen on Twitter to get updates.


An  Insight into the Life of John Goullet

Most successful people in this world share one thing in common. They all love to read. John Goullet is a famous businessman from the United States of America. Currently, his most favourite book and one that he would recommend to other people is Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War. This is a book by Sebastian Gorka, and John says that it has influenced him to be the person he is today. When asked about the one person that influences him most, John Goullet was quick to name Jim Collins. According to John Goullet, the best way to succeed in life is to learn from the past mistakes. He acknowledges that he has made mistakes in the past and he has managed to learn from them.

He believes in hiring the best candidate for an opportunity. John says that employees should be made to feel like a part of a company for them to be productive. John also advises startups to learn what their competitors are doing and try to adjust the way they do things. If John was to start all over again, he says that he would accumulate money fast enough and look for a board of directors and get involved in the business he is currently doing. While still in college, John Goullet took up a job at a local manufacturer and says that he learnt the importance of being his own boss during this period. John Goullet says that the one thing that makes him productive every day is the productive paranoia. This is a feeling that your competitor is at your heels and is doing things better than you.

John Goullet believes that the easiest way to bring ideas to life is reading and listening from the experienced people in your field of expertise. He also says that incorporating technology into everything he does is the key to his success. John Goullet usually has a busy day which involves attending meetings, reading emails and making some phone calls. Currently, John Goullet happens to be the principal of a company called Diversant LLC. He has managed to grow this firm to a top 500 Fortune companies.