The Law Is On Their Side! Animals Shelters in Need

Go Fund Me Campaigns have become a part of our moral compass for helping others in need. Those less fortunate need our help and this is an important way to be a part of something good. One such campaign fund has found a unique way to assist those who cannot speak for themselves. Ross Abelow is a dedicated New York City based attorney who has been instrumental in setting up a “Go Fund Me” site to raise funds and awareness for stray animals.

Mr. Abelow is a longtime leading partner in the New York legal community and as such, can lend his voice to this campaign, to ensure that all stray animals are taken in and taken care of at their most vulnerable time. By reaching out to the great citizens of New York City and beyond, Mr. Abelow hopes that his effort to raise funds for animals in need will lead to a better life for them in loving forever homes.

As an attorney-at-law with over twenty years of experience, Mr. Abelow has certainly seen his fair share of winning cases. Those that he serve have a voice when it comes to their defense, but stray animals are not normally on the winning end. They have no rights or recourse and must rely sole on the generosity of others to help them. In raising awareness of the greater need to protect stray animals, Abelow has shined a light on this ever growing problem. He hopes that people will give generously so that these animals will be safe from the harsh weather elements.

The demand is high in animal shelters all over the country due to overcrowding, under staffing and budget cuts. Many of our four legged friends are unable to stay in shelters due to lack of space and limited food supplies necessary to keep them safe.
Mr. Abelow has taken on a tough case but his creative idea of setting up a “Go Fund Me” site will certainly be a winning one for our furry friends.

Advanced Video Communication Technology and Talk Fusion

Bob Reina and a Vision for the Future
Bob Reina is the founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion. When he started this company in the year 2007, he had a vision for the future. His vision was clear and innovation was incorporated within the entire plan itself. He had a goal to help make dreams come true with the help of technology.

Talk Fusion is Connecting People Around the World
Talk Fusion is a company that began in the year 2007. The use of cutting technology has enabled people through the entire world to connect and communicate. This is empowerment and innovation mixed together. The combination of innovation and empowerment are two of the ingredients that turn dreams into reality. The ability to connect people through the globe has led to powerful solutions that really matter.

A Growing Company Meeting the Future
Talk Fusion has continued to grow right from the beginning. Bob Reina had a clear vision. He rushed in to meet the future. The following tools are part of the Talk Fusion technology:
* video emails
* video chat
* live conferencing and meeting solutions
* video newsletters
* marketing and reporting enhancements

Making a Huge Impact
The highly skilled and impressive team at Talk Fusion are working together to make a difference in the lives of others. The impact has been huge.

Keeping A Firm Code of Ethics in Place
It should be know that Talk Fusion is involved with the Direct Selling Association. Talk Fusion is a proud member. The DSA Code of Ethics is followed by this company. A firm code of ethics is included and weaved into all products and sales.

Bob Reina and the Win for Everyone
Bob Reina has always been a team player. He is a former police officer who enjoys seeing everyone win. A win-win scenario is the best outcome. Talk Fusion will leave everyone involved with a positive win and connection that creates lasting relationships and includes superior communication.

Best Product For Oily Hair

Wen hair products by Chaz Dean has been called Magic in a Bottle by some. These products turn fine limp hair into luscious healthy hair. An all in one shampoo and conditioner, Wen hair products are proud to say they work on all hair types. With that being said, this product line was put to the test by Emily McClure. She chronicled her use and findings of the WEN products and even took pictures to document the results for us to see.

One day one, she read the directions on how to shampoo and condition her hair. She will tell you that it is very important to use follow the directions on the bottle. she has very oily hair and at first she was skeptical. As she continues to use WEN product for a week, she notices that her hair does look healthier and less limp and fine. During the middle of the week, when she doesn’t have time to shower and shampoo, she finds her hair is horrible. She notes that for someone who doesn’t wash hair everyday, this could be a problem. She did find the results were very positive. She had many compliments on how shiny and healthy her hair was. She determined that the product was able to make fine limp hair more full.

Chaz Dean believes in a holistic approach to life. His Wen hair products on ebay and techniques are healthy. His is a firm believer in teaching clients how to effectively maintain the health of their hair. Even his line of coloring products disregards the use of bleaches or peroxides. They energy he uses at work is the same philosophy he has with life.