Online Stylists Can Help You Pick Out Your Wardrobe

BuzzFeed News reporter Lara Parker recently decided to try something new and bold. She doesn’t like shopping around for new clothes at a store on The crowds, the waiting in lines at checkout and the temptation to buy more than you need are what drove Lara to try an online fashion styling service.

The online styling services works in the following way. Instead of shopping around for clothes and trying them in store, you do it through the web and try clothes out at home. There are several different online styling services available. They include Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and Tog & Porter. One of the hallmarks of an online styling service is that you usually consult with a stylist who helps you choose outfits for you. Depending on the service you use, you may chat with a stylist online, talk through the phone or video chat. You may also have to complete a questionnaire such as what you are looking for, your fashion style and preferences.

These styling services are available for men and women. In fact one online styling service began servicing men only and later evolved to serve women as well. After you complete chats, consultations and any questionnaires you will be sent a box with clothes that you can try on at home. A fee will be charged for the clothes to be delivered to you. You decide which clothes you want to keep and purchase and which one to return to the company.

Online shopping for clothes is another alternative for people who wish to avoid shopping in stores whether they want to save time or find it more convenient. Recently launched online clothing store JustFab is a great place to find sporty, athletic and fashionable clothes for women. You will find athletic gear, and more casual clothes as well. Choose from a wide selection of reasonably priced yet brand name items in departments such as shoes, handbags, boots, jewelry, dresses, skirts and more. JustFab offers full outfits that you can purchase easily online.

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