Life Lessons From Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad is a highly experienced doctor with more than 40 years practicing in the profession. Aged 72, Dr. Saad specializes in pediatric and thoracic surgery. He is currently located at Eatontown in New Jersey.


Dr. Saad received his medical degree at Cairo University School of Medicine where he graduated in the year 1971. He served his residency as a general surgeon from UMDNJ University Hospital in the year 1977 and Medical University of SC in 1979. Dr. Saad has dealt with numerous surgery cases has received awards as a sign of the exemplary work he is able to perform. In 2014, he was awarded Patients’ Choice Award which is an award offered to physicians that have been able to satisfy their patients by offering quality support services. Dr. Saad also received Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award in the same year which is an award offered to physicians that demonstrated excellent bedside manner as they treat their patients.


The awards due to Dr. Saad are well awarded due to some of the patient reviews he has gotten over the years until the present. Most of his patients have been able to praise him for the excellent work he carried out while treating and operating them with a few exceptions where some slight misunderstanding may have cropped up.


Dr. Saad has also board certifications. The board certifications are for general surgery and pediatric surgery both from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.




Key Life Lessons from Dr. Saad


After 47 years of practicing, Dr. Saad was able to retire, and left behind a legacy and valuable life lessons that one can borrow a leaf. The most important life lesson from Dr. Saad is learning to maintain resilience in pursuing one’s dreams and goals. Born a Palestinian in Israel at a time when there were many conflicts, Dr. Saad found himself having to relocate to a new conflict free zone at a very tender age together with his family. This environment assisted in building Dr. Saad into the man that he is currently by culturing endurance and flexibility at a young age.


Dr. Saad used this fortitude that was slowly being built in him to pursue high levels of education even though his background was not entirely in favor of this decision. His single focus and great belief that he could be anybody in the world strengthened his drive to pursuing his goals.


Dr. Saad’s main motivation to pursue becoming a surgeon came strongly to him when he suffered a heat stroke as a result of very hot conditions. His solace then became an operating room that was constantly air conditioned; hence his interest in becoming a surgeon grew more. Eventually, he has become a recognizable surgeon. Learn more: