Leadership Habits That Have Found Success at James River Capital

James River Capital of Richmond, Virginia, is a successfully expanding financial and investment company. As many industry leaders are doing these days, the company has reflected on the steps they have taken towards their current success, and chosen to share them with readers. James River Capital believes that being a leader takes a great deal of skill that must be developed. It is a combination of an art and scientific research to effectively lead a team, according to the company. There are three changes that anyone can make to successfully improve their leadership style.


Value Support in Your Team


Any level of manager must make the mental shift from leading and guiding a team, to viewing any action as “support.” The small change in phrasing will alter the leader’s perspective of what their role should be, and how interactions between other team members should be approached. Supporting can mean taking the time to understand where the team members are individually coming from, rather than just telling them where they should ultimately be. Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


Encourage Escalation


Many managers steer clear of situations that have the potential to escalate and become an argument; however, allowing for escalation allows for more innovation. If a leader is supportive and provides open lines of communications, they will find successful employees. The key to this is to ensure that team members of any level feel safe coming to them with challenges or problems, and even potential improvement.


Currently, approximately 85% of employees withhold many types of feedback from their bosses out of fear of getting in trouble. In creating a comfortable atmosphere with an “open door” policy, you’ll need to invoke few repercussions for employees that voice their ideas honestly. As a leader, it’s important to show appreciation when an employee is communicative with you; it is equally important to ensure all team members have a chance to speak during any meetings.


Value Each Team Member’s Opinion


Especially during meetings, it is often noticed that the same employees are doing most of the talking. A great leader will make sure that all voices are heard – many staff members likely have great ideas but don’t feel quite so welcomed to speak. When leading a meeting, create a list beforehand of all attendees. During said meeting, place tally marks next to individual’s names as he or she speaks; eventually, you will notice a consistency. In this way, you can see which team members could be engaged further by asking for their input.


James River Capital compiled this list partially with their leader, founder, and CEO Paul Saunders in mind. His leadership skills have shown these important leadership methods to be very effective. Incorporating these three simple habits into everyday routines is a great start to developing leadership skills and nurturing a competent staff.