Krishen Iyer is Excited About Managed Benefits Services New Multi-layer Platform

Entrepreneur Krishen Iyer doubles as both the founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services, previously known under the moniker Quick Link Marketing. The company, headquartered in Fresno, mainly focuses on marketing efforts geared towards the verticals of both health and dental insurance. Though it is based in Fresno it also has offices in Southern California where it continues to specialize in lead management and consulting. Krishen Iyer began thinking about becoming an entrepreneur while attending San Diego State University. Today, he is known by his colleagues as someone with amazing business acumen. Not to mention, his vast expertise and background in technical development, digital marketing, and client relations.


As a longtime California resident he is heavily involved in the community lending a helping hand in many of its beautification projects via his real estate company, Iyer Real Estate Co. Iyer spends much of his free time reading. A business book that he says has inspired him is “The New Buffetology,” a book detailing the investment strategies of warren Buffet. He admits that he is an avid reader on financial topics. He is also constantly traveling.


Krishen Iyer is very exited about the future of Managed Benefits Services, and with good reason. The company recently announced that it managed to develop a new multi-layer platform. He, as well as the company as a whole are anxious to see how well the new platform performs. The new platform comes with high expectations as many believe it has the capability to completely transform the results the company delivers to clients. A lot of time and energy went into the platform’s development and now it comes down to seeing if all that effort was worth it in the near future. With strides like this Managed Benefited Services will continue to evolve until it reaches its full potential.


Krishen Iyer finds motivation from within. Every day he’s motivated to achieve the goals he’s set for himself and his business. As both founder and CEO he believes it is mainly his responsibility to make sure the business steadily grows and improves to meet the demands of a growing client base.