Jingdong to receive SEAL AWARD

China’s largest online internet service provider Jingdong is among the top countries that will be winning a top global award that deals with sustainability. The company will receive the 018 SEAL award that recognizes businesses that operate with efficiency as well as making sure they use sustainability practices to run their operations. The award has been presented to other companies in the world that have reached similar goals as well as methods that keep the world cleaner and junk free. This means that Jingdong is being recognized for its continued commitment to champion environmental causes as well as its contributions to society through innovation. JD.com was honored to know that it will be receiving the award since it has always been part of the company’s corporate social responsibility. The firm has in the past five years galvanized its operations, creating as well as developing programs that promote sustainable outcomes. It is through its processes that JD.com has restricted every part of its initiatives starting from the footprint of product creation to the packaging sale as well as delivery. They monitor all these stages with the hope that the company will impact the society together with the environment in a sustainable, definite as well as long-lasting duration.

In being awarded, JD.com joins the ranks of other renowned honorees such as Nike, Patagonia, Samsung as well as Apple. Their head of CSR Libo Ma released a statement stating how proud he was to receive the award adding that it was a testament to their multifaceted platform that has integrated sustainability measures that ensure environmental protection. Additionally, their systems also help them with poverty alleviation, education as well as social innovation. It is also among the missions in JD.com to continuously improve the society through empowering people and safeguarding the environment that they live in. Jingdong uses its technological advances to reach much of China’s population which make up most of its customers to make significant contributions that have positively impacted social innovation. Such contributions include disaster relief, education as well as poverty alleviation to the tune of over seven hundred million. The largest sum ever donated in China.

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