Jason Hope Is A Philanthropist Who Supports The SENS Research Foundation Financially

Many healthcare organizations and professionals are looking for solutions to some ailments such as aging. One of the organizations that carry out in-depth research is the SENS Research Foundation. This organization brings together many researchers annually by hosting the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference. At the conference, researchers discuss how they can develop drugs that could bring an end to aging and other diseases. The researchers also discuss about ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, cellular damage, and Parkinson’s disease. Although not everyone can contribute in terms of knowledge, individuals such as Jason Hope have been contributing financially to the SENS Research Foundation.

The SENS Research Foundation was co-founded by Aubrey de Grey, and it is a not-for-profit organization. Many researchers and scientists have been supporting the SENS Research Foundation, and they have come up with cures to various ailments over the years. The funds that have been donated by philanthropists such as Jason Hope have gone a long way in ensuring that the anti-aging research as the SENS Research Foundation progresses accordingly.

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For instance, in 2010, Jason Hope disbursed $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. His contribution, as well as funds from other investors, have been utilized by ensuring that the SENS Research Foundation has well-equipped laboratories that can be used to carry on the anti-aging research. One of the laboratories that have been developed by the SENS Research Foundation are such as the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. The SENS Research Foundation has also been using some of the funds to come up with a new research program.

Jason Hope has been a man of interest since he proudly supports the anti-aging research by the SENS Research Foundation. Some of the media houses have had the honor of interviewing Jason Hope, and he was proud to support the SENS Research Foundation through his generous donations. Jason Hope also stated that the foundation is very innovative and they have are also working towards finding a cure to degenerative diseases such as lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Programs such as the AGE-breaker have also been developed by the SENS Research Foundation. Such programs are meant to ensure that the research foundation will come up with a cure to aging at some point.

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