Having Your Own Amazing Online Shopping Experience at Fabletics

There are women right now who have decided that shopping at Amazon for apparel just is not the experience they had anticipated, and these women are now happily shopping at Fabletics instead. While the company offers rock-bottom prices on high-end workout apparel, it is the buying experience as a whole that is transforming this industry. To get a better understanding why Fabletics is fast-becoming the leader in selling sports apparel, we need to dig a little into the makings of this company.


To start, you really can’t go wrong when you have the likes of Kate Hudson as the co-founder. The company got global recognition when ti starting offering customers the opportunity to buy any piece of apparel for $25 with free shipping. Women were used to paying over $100 for the same pieces on Amazon, but now getting it at a fraction of the price with free shipping too. Where the big difference in shopping experiences is apparent, you get VIP membership at Fabletics that is changing the way women shop online.


Fabletics has taken the concept of reverse showrooming and taken it to new heights. The company actually encourages you browse offline, because they have developed a unique way to combine that with the online experience. A staggering number of people who walk trough the retail shops and buy, see their items automatically added to their online shopping carts. That means if they leave the store and then shop online later that night, every item is waiting for them to close out the sale. They get exactly what they want at prices that even Amazon can not touch.


But Fabletics is more than juts a low price online outlet, it is a whole shopping experience. Once you make your initial purchase, you are encouraged to take a Lifestyle Quiz, and upon completion you receive your VIP membership. Unlike other memberships that are nothing but a fancy name and nothing more, with the Fabletics VIP status, you get locked into a $49.95 price point on future orders. Even if the yoga pants normally sell on the site for $128, you pay $49.95 and again get free shipping. Amazon charges $75+ for annual 2-day shipping, Fabletics gives all it’s VIP member free shipping for life.


What do women around the country say about Fabletics? Here are comments on very popular review websites that tell the story:


According to Suzi who left a comment at Trust Pilot, “I love the fact that every month a shopping associate at Fabletics picks out something based on my quiz results. If I love it, I buy it. If not, I shop for something else. Simple and easy!!!!”


Tami remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I love being able to window shop at the store with no money, then go home that night and when i get paid just checkout online. Seriously? Could this get easier?”


Chris commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “I bought a 3-piece workout set last month for $49.95. The exact same outfit on Amazon was selling for $119 with 2-day shipping. I love Fabletics”.