Fabletics Takes on Amazon for Lead Position of Active Wear

What are your favorite ways to workout? Do you work out in the gym or at home? Do you workout in both places? If you do, what types of active wear do you wear more often? If you wear the same active wear for all areas of working out, what types of active wear are you most comfortable in? Here are some different places that you might in and here are some options for you to try when working out.

Gym, Run, Cycle and Yoga Are Different Ways to Workout

If you are looking for new stylish leggings, Fabletics has a number of new styles for you to try. One of the more popular styles is the Salar Legging type. The new pattern is flowers going up the side of the leggings and is available in a variety of colors. If you do not like the floral pattern, there is a black and white grunge looking style of leggings called Brogan leggings. They are also one of the more popular types and if you order at the right time, you can purchase two for a much lower price than what they normally are.

If you are a Capri style active wearer, you might like the new crop style from Fabletics. They come in a variety of colors and will sit slightly above your hips and resemble the low ride jeans. They will fall right below the knee cap and are made from a variety of materials.

The following are styles of the Fabletics crop style pants. You can choose from any of these when placing an order.

  • Winn Mid Rise Crop
  • Navassa Crop
  • McKenzie
  • Salar

If you are interested in purchasing 3 piece outfits, the popular choice is the Brooke outfit. The three piece outfit comes in a variety of color styles and are perfect for any type of activity you are doing. One of the more popular choices is the hot pink, purple and black tie dye looking design. If you want to purchase a 2 piece outfit, the saskia outfit is also available in various colors and patterns.

If you live in an area that gets cold, the new Annabelle pattern is stylish and offers a sweatshirt kind of look. You will be able to comfortably workout in any weather. The sweatshirt can be worn with a number of other style pants such as the crops, leggings or even with a pair of your favorite jeans.

If you are interested in working out with your partner, the Fabletics team has come up with a men’s line of workout wear. They make regular looking dockers and also have made a style in mens joggers. If you want to purchase the mens clothing, you want to purchase them well in advance because they do sell out quickly. The mens clothing are top of the line stylish and are equally comfortable to wear.

Fabletics has worked hard to sell their active wear since they have to compete with competitors like Amazon who control 20% of e-commerce sales for the active wear target audience.