Mitt Romney’s Health Prognosis

There are great changes afoot in the political world today, as many veterans of congress are stepping down rather than running in the upcoming mid-term elections in November. The big news right now is that Orrin Hatch, the republican veteran senator from Utah, is giving up his seat, and that is leaving an opening for Mitt Romney to return to political life. Romney’s high profile as a former governor and presidential candidate means that he will now be closely watched as he launches his senatorial bid. Given that Romney recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer, his health will now be more closely watched as well.

A New Focus On Health

Dr. David Samudi serves as the acting Chair of Urology as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Dr. Samudi recently spoke to The Huffington Post about Mitt Romney’s current health situation, given that he recently underwent prostate surgery.

According to the doctor’s analysis of the surgery as it has been reported, Governor Romney’s health prognosis is very good. The surgery reportedly went well, and the prostate cancer was localized in the area of the prostate gland. In these situations Dr. Samudi highly recommends that patients undergo surgery rather than have radiation. Surgery can be very effective at taking out all of the cancer in the area before it spreads to other organs, and the recovery rate is very good. Patients who undergo radiation as the first treatment for prostate cancer are shown to have a much lower rate of recovery and chance of survival if the cancer returns and spreads to other organs after the treatment. In Romney’s case, he was apparently fortunate in having the illness caught before it spread to other areas.

Dr. Samudi stresses that early detection is the key to a high survival rate with prostate cancer. He also stresses that anyone who is considering treatment should work closely with their urologist as they consider different ways of dealing with the illness. Anyone considering surgery should also talk to medical experts at length about the possible outcomes of surgery, and they should be sure to take a close look at their surgeon’s record before committing to treatment. Dr. Samudi also notes that two other notable political figures, Colin Powell and John Kerry, both underwent prostate surgery and had very successful outcomes.