The Natural Flavor of EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm broke the mundane barriers in the lip balm world when the colorful sphere shaped balms hit the market. The appealing look of the beautiful EOS lip balm is not the only highlight that has people drooling to get their hands on this product and the natural salve on their thirsty lips. The wide variety of flavors available from the Evolution of Smooth can strike anybody’s fancy. The Vitamin E infused lip balms are anything but ordinary.

One of the top desired flavors available is Blueberry Acai. This flavor is rarely heard of in the lip balm world and the Evolution of Smooth used this to their advantage. It’s easy to duplicate single common flavors, such as cherry, but that wouldn’t do for such an innovative brand like EOS. Blueberry Acai will have your lips looking smooth and your taste buds happy when the natural flavor happens to hit your tongue after application.

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Fruit flavors, although very popular – especially when they are harmonized together so well like in EOS lip balms, are not the only tantalizing options available. Sweet Mint brings it off the charts as another flavor brought out in an EOS lip balm flavor. One can keep the fresh mouth flavor around well into their day as they reapply this fresh moisturizing lip balm to their lips.  For Info check

The options are endless and it will be hard to resist any of the flavors offered by EOS. Pick up a variety of colorful sphere lip balms and wrap your smile in natural flavors all day long with EOS lip balm.

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