Cool Off with an Alaskan Eco-Conscious Vacation

For many tourists, the summer heat at many destinations can be oppressive. This is why Alaska is a popular destination among those looking to enjoy nature on their vacation. Modern tourism is also conscious of its aware on the environment and seeks to offer eco-friendly ways for guests to widen their knowledge of the Alaskan wilds.


Fishing remains a popular activity, as does floating in the crystal clear Kvichak River and Lake Iliamna. Environmentally friendly lodges have opened in recent years, such as the Alaskan Sportsman’s Lodge in conjunction with Wild Ark. Guests are encouraged in taking care of the rivers which hosts Alaska’s thriving salmon population. The lodge is also working with the local population to protect the Bristol Bay area from impact from Pebble Mine.


The lodge offers duplex cabins for guests, a wood burning sauna, and a comfortable living area with couches, a fireplace, rockers, and a reading and map room. Guests often mingle with others at the lodge while still enjoying the privacy of their own bathroom and beds.


Fly fishing is by far one of the most popular activities for tourist and natives alike. There is a variety of fish to seek, including Salmon, rainbow Trout, and Arctic Char. Conventional fishing is also available for some locales.


Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark offers a variety of vacation packages for individuals interested in conversation efforts and eco-friendly tourism. The entire team at Wilk Ark is mindful of the challenges faced by the wilds of the world and seeks to find exciting new ways to improve the condition of the wilderness.


Wild Ark offers travel destinations across an array of African locations (including Botswana, Kenya, and South Africa) as well as an Alaskan destination. Guests are educated on ways to minimize their impact across the course of their stay, which can range from 2-28 days. Focus for the trip can range from wildlife photography, sea turtle and ocean conservation, bird-watching and wilderness tracking. Guests are encouraged to contact the company through the Wild Ark website to begin the information gathering process.


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