Porfirio Sanchez Galindo Leads Televisa beyond Local Spanish Speaking Borders

When it comes to emulating some of the prominent figures in the media industry, Porfirio Sanchez is a good example. This individual is a head cheerleader in the Mexican media industry. With tremendous experience in the sector, he is proud of extensive input in various departments. Currently, he is the main decision maker in Televisa. This is a television station that airs multiple channels in Mexico. Sanchez is prominent for overseeing the massive growth of the station. As the chief executive officer of the company, he has been influential in guiding the company and the managerial team. Sanchez uses his experience and talent in governing the company towards growth.


Established in 1995, Televisa is a leading media station in Latin America. Many television shows that air in the United States, as well as Mexico, are housed by this company. Following the multiple networks, Televisa has grown its clients base by gaining massive viewers. Televisa has continued to register huge growth across different geographical areas thanks to its ability to air soap operas.


For Televisa Company to be in a position to air different programs in the United States of America, Televisa formed Univision. This is a channel that is committed to airing television shows produced by Televisa. The idea behind this channel came from Porfirio Galindo. With his input, the channel has received massive recognition as the major producer of entertaining shows in Spanish speaking channels. Sanchez has been a committed member of the Televisa group.


Sanchez’ career began in 2006. He was the chief of staff. Following his commitment to the company, he was elected as the head of the company. His commitment to Televisa has played a major role in his success story. One of his leading success contributors is the prolific educational background. That is why he is an admirable leader to Televisa. As an alumnus of the Stanford School, Sanchez majored in business management. He advanced his studies by pursuing applied mathematics at a degree level. Sanchez continues to lead Televisa across different borders. He is in charge of critical decision making. As the principal consultant, he is focused on the success of the firm.