How Rocketship Education Gets Fostered When 90% of Rocketeers Come Back


Nothing satisfies a teacher when a student you taught or even administered choose to comes back in that institution even when zoned district school is reserved for them. In reality, this is always a testament that one is proud of the association with the school, over and over again. So this is what exactly happens with Rocketship Education where an overwhelming 90% of the students choose to get back for their Rocketship program. It is always a clear indication of a relentless work on the teachers’ side that makes the students entrust their education once again at Rocketship.


Since Rocketeers are a good number of exceptional students, they are a worthy group’s worth celebrating. These figures represent and consistently remind the society of the millions of children who still grapple and fall behind due to poverty and inadequate education. Excelling as a Rocketeer, therefore, depicts remarkable progress that testifies that it is possible to make it in through public education. Nevertheless, such a milestone achievement also serves to remind the remaining students and the whole school fraternity at large of the challenges remaining. Coming back to Rocketship also shows the Rocketeers that the system appreciates and believes in their potential. It is not a notion that only comes up after clearing school, but it is a culture that is always inculcated once the student undergoes Rocketship Education. The student goes ahead to learn and overcome expectations that the society so negatively places on the innocent young kids. Building a Movement

Building a Movement

The idea of coming back to Rocketship is always about building a single movement of students, parents, the community leaders and any other concerned citizens. It is through this movement that the fundamental belief that “All Children Deserve Equal Chance to Realize their Dreams” can get solidified. In such an accord, all these stakeholders get to have a control of the societal needs and channel all efforts towards realizing a better society and a better nation that all can leave in peace. Hence, coming back to Rocketship, therefore, serves as a means of encouragement for the rest of the country to control their destiny starting from education.