Highland Capital Co Founder James Dondero Talks Philosophy

Recently, the co founder and President of Highland Capital Management talked about his approach to investing and making deals for his firm. James Dondero has revealed his keys to success and overall approach to working in the finance industry.

Dondero says that one of the ways in which he makes profitable deals for his firm is to look for ones that have potential to increase in value in the near future. This allows the firm to invest in securities that will make a considerable sum of money. Along with looking for investment opportunities, James always looks over the benefits of various debt and credit based securities. When looking to make various deals for his firm, James will keep track of all of the latest trends in the securities industry so that he is aware of what potential deals are available.

In 1990 James Dondero collaborated with Mark Okada to found the firm Highland Capital Management. The firm was first a life insurance provider and emerged as one of the top firms in the industry. While Dondero was successful in founding a life insurance company, he looked to make his firm more versatile. In order to achieve this objective, James expanded the products and services of his firm to include things such as asset management and providing financial advisory services. Within the next several years, Dondero was successful in building Highland Capital into one of the most reputable and comprehensive financial services firms in the world.

James attended the University of Virginia and majored in accounting and finance. He graduated with degrees in these two fields and received high honors. Thus he was a very distinguished student during his college years. When he first worked in the finance industry, he held the position as a credit analyst which enabled him to begin evaluating the risks and profit potential of credit based securities. Dondero would move up to higher positions in his career which culminated in his appointment of chief investment officer. With this position, he would manage assets for large corporations on a regular basis. In his spare time, James participates in a number of philanthropic activities. Visit his official website : http://www.jamesdondero.com/

Jason Hope: The Arizona Entrepreneur Tycoon

Have you ever heard of the wonderful and extraordinary Jason Hope? He is an investor, entrepreneur, futurist and philanthropist with great passion for the different uses of technology as well as giving back to the community. In a recent interview, Hope explains how airlines are getting into the internet utilization in their airplanes. The use of wireless objects to connecting to the internet is an exponential growth event that is happening according to Gartner Inc. a leader in technological research, made an estimated prediction of 25 billion things will be connected to the internet by 2020.

Bluetooth is one key example because it allows for people to connect with objects as well as communicate with each other. In terms of airlines using this type of technology, it will create great customer service because instead of calling the airlines for a request in changing seats, a passenger can just email them to ask for that request which can then be granted over the email which brings fast communication. Not only that but also creating easy check-ins which allow passengers to go through the process much simpler by using the internet to connect to the airline.

Now on to Jason Hope articles, he is from Arizona and was raised in the Tempe area. He holds a finance degree from Arizona State University as well as a Master’s in Business and Administration from Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope is very passionate for philanthropy with a concentration on education, disease cure, bio-technology and scientific research. He deeply sponsors the Boys and Girls Club at the Phoenix area because he wants to encourage inside and outside of the classroom to future scientists and engineers that education is very important in this society in order to improve one’s life and also to help others who have interest in doing the same thing.Hope being the Chief Executive Officer, he always looks after the latest trends in technology and computer informational systems. He knows that technology can effectively be utilized to advance people from poor then rich as well as finding the cure to disastrous diseases such as cancer. Hope will never give up until he makes the world a better place to live that is free from diseases and using education to promote better living and sustainability.



Dick DeVos Continues Philanthropic Giving With Kennedy Center Donation

Dick DeVos continues to provide a wide range of philanthropic giving options for a number of charities and charitable programs, including the latest donations he has made to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. BizJournals has revealed the Kennedy Center has received a larger than expected number of donations for their planned development of a river pavilion to a more extensive structure and series of buildings; the Kennedy Center has been looking to develop the area for a number of years and has now reached an impressive total of more than $130 million in donations for the completion of the project. After initially hoping to raise $125 million in donations when the project started in 2013 and has now extended its donation deadline and planned figure by a further $50 million. Not only will the planned construction see a riverfront pavilion and bridge constructed, but over $25 million will be spent on programming initiatives to make the most of performance spaces and much more.

Richard DeVos, better known as Dick has been a major supporter of many philanthropic programs backed by the fortune he and his family have created as the leaders of the AnWay Group. DeVos has been one of the most prominent members of the DeVos family after showing his abilities as a business person when he took control of the company and other parts of the AnWay Group, including the Orlando Magic NBA team. Along with his impressive business skills, DeVos and wife Betsy have backed a number of initiatives in their own Grand Rapids, Michigan region and beyond; amongst the arts based programs backed by Dick DeVos is the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center. Wikipedia reports that over the years Dick and Betsy DeVos have donated over $22 million to the Kennedy Center, which forms just one arm of their philanthropic activities that include a number of charter schools backed by their foundation opened across the U.S.