Quincy in New Brunswick Pizza Robberies and Shootings on the Rise


On May 7, 2013, a pizza deliveryman arrived at his destination at the Quincy Circle apartment complex at approximately 9:30 in the evening. He was told that no one had ordered pizza from that address, so he turned to leave. As he attempted to return to his car, three people confronted him and told him that the pizza was for them.


The assailants then turned a gun on him and demanded the pizza and his wallet. He complied with the demand and the three men fled the scene to a nearby parking lot. Witnesses said that the three men drove away in a dark colored minivan. There was very little information in order to conduct a good investigation; however, they later received a lead based on the phone call made to order the pizza. The phone used to make the call to order the pizza came back to a gang kingpin.


Police arrested Parysh Wood, who is now behind bars at Middlesex County Correction Center. The investigation took four months and no other suspects have been arrested for the crime. Fortunately, no one was physically harmed during this robbery.


This was not the last violent crime to occur in the quiet neighborhood of Quincy in New Brunswick, NJ. A shooting in the same area occurred on October 7, 2015. The quiet night was suddenly disturbed when four shots rang out. A gang member shot another man, and from all accounts, an unidentified driver drove the injured man to the hospital. Police believe that the driver may have been the shooter.


Injuries to the victim were not life threatening. Police were later called back to the apartment complex when more evidence of the shooting was found. Several spent bullets were found in the area. The perpetrator is still at large and the police investigation is ongoing.


The police captain at the scene told reporters that these types of violent crimes are becoming more commonplace in the neighborhood. It is unfortunate that gang activity has penetrated this neighborhood where families are simply trying to live their lives peacefully. With any luck, police officials will narrow down the suspects and close these cases with a satisfactory end.


It is important for residents to note when they see something out of place or witness a crime in action. Cooperating with law enforcement officers is key to lowering or halting crime acted out by gang members and their rivals.