Chainsmokers Blend Electronic and Mainstream Music to Climb the Charts

In 2012 the Chainsmokers, an American DJ and production group of two, came into existence when Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart joined forces. Adam Alpert manages them and introduced the pair when an original member working with Pall left. Though the Electronic Dance Music duo started by creating remixes of indie songs they soon started writing their own music and collaborating with other musicians. Only two years after they got their start their song #Selfie made it to top 20 playlists throughout several countries. Since their breakthrough hit in 2014 the group has continued to enjoy popularity with several more songs including Closer which was their first single to hit the top of the charts.


The Chainsmokers didn’t perform live until 2014 when they opened for Timeflies but have perfected their live performance touring worldwide. Most recently, the Chainsmokers have enjoyed a long running streak at the top of the charts with their album “Memories…Do Not Open.” This album was released a year ago and reaching record lengths at the top for Dance/Electronic music. So far “Memories…Do Not Open” is matching Gorilla’s “Demon Days” for the third most consecutive weeks at the top of the list for an album in the Dance and Electronic genres.


Even with intense competition from up and coming and established musicians in the same EDM genre like Kygo, Calvin Harris, and Avicii this duo keeps releasing successful hits and making it back up the charts again. Their versatile music has earned them top spots in Top 40 as well as Dance/Electronic lists. Their music has been described as an eclectic mixture of pop music, indie, hip-hop and dance. While both musicians in the duo have DJ experience Pall is the main DJ in the group. Taggart is the writer, vocalist and producer. Their unique material has been successful and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere soon.

Dong Levitt

Mr. Dong Levitt is an eccentric writer by choice. Motivated by his idea to explore the characters in the America Society often overlooked by the traditional media, he started the Greyhound Dairies project. The project consists of his bus travel experience, pictures, videos, and recorded interviews that took him 13 years to complete having traveled 120,000 miles across America on a Greyhound bus. “On the bus, you’re surrounded by poverty, addiction, and mental illness,” he says. “And my own mental health has been wrapped up in this journey too. Through strangers, I’ve been trying to resolve it” said Dong. At 16, his father committed suicide and his contact with strangers helped him to overcome his trauma. He worked for the John Kerry presidential campaign and rode in buses across the country to register undecided voters. As former CNN war correspondent and traveled to Bosnia, Iran, and Rwanda, he saw the ravages of war; dead people, human suffering, and destruction of property. You can also follow him on twitter:

Dong Levitt has shared his experiences with the Greyhound Dairies in interviews on the print and media. He was featured as a guest on Channel 4 news in March 2017. He said his bus travels enabled him to gain the insights about the problems of the American society. He met a veteran who could not forgive himself for the death of his colleague in Afghanistan, a grandmother who talked about her recovered new life as a counselor from depression and crack cocaine addiction or a former marine having panic attacks.

Asked why he left CNN to ride in Greyhound bus, Dong explained that even though he came to terms with his father suicide he needed to be on the road and write songs and stories about people and their struggles to get by.Dong Levitt was one of those who predicted that Mr. Donald Trump would win the 2016 elections. He said that during his travels by bus “he saw a disconnect between people on the right with their politicians and an ignorance on the left to see what people really felt like in key swing states.”

The Greyhound Diaries with Doug Levitt

Artists usually travel for various reasons such as exploration and understanding the world. Doug Levitt carries into action the Greyhound Diaries, which is a live musical and multimedia in America. Doug has traveled and traversed a lot with music for more than ten years. With over 100,000 Greyhound miles, Levitt has made it through giving accounts of his fellow explorers. He utilizes images, songs as well as words to give these stories.

Levitt and the Greyhound Diaries sources inspiration from the projects of Depression-era Works Progress Administration. The primary theme of the executions of Doug is usually aimed at shedding light on the inequalities and struggles of the world. Greyhound acts as a moving reflection and reminder of a bus journey. Levitt has performed in numerous locations among them halfway houses, the Kennedy Center, homeless shelters, Walter Reed Army Hospital, various media outlets and academic institutions like universities and colleges.

In his traveling, Doug tries to explain the immense American Landscape as well as understand its diverseness. Levitt tries to narrate various captions of the world beyond its tribulations. In particular, in the nation’s important times like during a national crisis, Greyhound Diaries bring the positive picture out of the trammels. For example, when there is political embrangles and economic crisis, Doug’s works helps in easing the moments.

Doug Levitt set for his six-week tour by bus in 2004. He was born in America in 1972. He is renowned for The Greyhound Diaries, which is an eight-year project. Doug is an American singer, activist and a photographer. He primarily uses a piano and a guitar for his excursions. Founded in London and dispatched to Rwanda, Bosnia and Iran, Doug is an erstwhile foreign correspondent to NBC and ABC.

He is a son of Carol Schwartz, a former council member in DC. He enrolled public schools in DC and was active in sports and music. He is also a versatile writer, who has written for the Huffington Post, and the Sunday Times of London among others. Doug is a graduate of Cornell University. He is a Master’s degree holder from the London School of Economics in International Relations.

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