CTRMA Designs Mobility Solutions

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority works towards the traffic and congestion issues plaguing the area. The agency is a local one that works to solve these issues that affect Travis and Williamson counties. They work towards mobility solutions to alleviate the issues facing this area.

Sometimes the solution is a toll road, sometimes it is more than a toll road. The goal of the CTRMA is to innovate and devise creative solutions to the more complex problems facing commuters. The new MoPac Express lanes will start variable tolling, where congestion with cost commuters more. This new toll system will hopefully detract commuters during the more congested times of the day.

Another cutting edge solution is the smart roads that are being built. These roads will allow cars to “talk” to the road’s infastructure. A good example is the road will be able to determine when a car is going the wrong way up a ramp. Two new apps that the CTRMA have worked on are a traffic app with Metropia and a carpooling app with Carmia. These two new apps with help drivers find alternate routes or even a buddy to ride with in the morning.

The CTRMA understands that one solution does not fit when trying to alleviate congestion in certain areas. They have worked to create and maintain shared use paths for bikers and pedestrians to help keep cars off the road. Another new program designed to prevent or help problems is the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO). These operators help to assist motorists with minor breakdowns and other problems before they become bigger issues.

The CTRMA is an public organization operating to help the traffic and mobility issues affecting the residents of Central Texas. While one solution will not fix it, they work to create and design plans that will help keep congestion down and the roadways clear for commuters.

Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.mobilityauthority.com/about/executive-director.php and https://www.facebook.com/MobilityAuthority/