Doe Deere’s Lime Crime: Makeup Full Of Arresting Colors


Lime Crime makeup is on a roll these days, and its founder Doe Deere couldn’t be more thrilled. It took a while to gain major prominence, but now that dream has come true, and it’s an amazing milestone for the little girl from Russia who moved to New York City with a dream and a box of crayons.

Color has always mattered to Doe Deere, as she likes to incorporate brightness to her fashion, to her hair in candy-colors and most importantly to her makeup. Traditional society has always taught women to play safe with beige makeup and a couple of bold, allowable shades, but Doe Deere was looking for more. So, in 2008, she began her Lime Crime makeup company and brand, and lucky for the world, she has never looked back.

Doe Deere has always enjoyed coloring outside the lines, and that’s what Lime Crime makeup is all about. It’s makeup that’s free and bold on a crazy, radical color palette. The line features blue, green, gold and black lipsticks, to name a few and eye shadow palettes that come from another galaxy altogether. That’s the beauty of Lime Crime, because it allows the one who wears it, freedom of expression.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime shopping website sums it up best at her About Me page:

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

Maybe the message is really sinking in, because times have changed, and makeup has now emerged with an edge. Lime Crime’s Instagram has recently posted two million new followers. The cosmetics line is also making its way on to the red carpet with big stars like Katy Perry rocking Lime Crime lipsticks. Nicki Minaj did a magazine cover shoot with her lips painted in the bold opacity of Lime Crime.

Major makeup brands are starting to copy the Doe Deere Lime Crime attitude and concept, by launching their own dupes in blue, yellow and green lipsticks. Doe Deere doesn’t seem to mind, as she’s too busy building a cult brand.

At the moment, fans around the world are crazy for her Velvetines, Unciorn and Perlees lipsticks. These are big, bold and a bit naughty colors like none else. Best of all, Lime Crime makeup is quality made with incredible pigments for the price.

Lime Crime makeup is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Fashionable Exercise Clothing Made by Fabletics

The era of athleisure seem to already have arrived in most areas in The United States and in Europe. The trend is also catching up fast in other continents as more people prefer to purchase athleisure. The use of athleisure has gained prominence because of the numerous benefits and convenience that come with having athleisure. Initially, the trend started when women chose to put on yoga pants to run other activities and also when exercising. This was common for most women who worked at home and would find working in yoga pants more comfortable. This is how athleisure eventually became a common trend among many people working at home.

One of the primary benefits why many people prefer athleisure is because of the design. First, they are designed in a way that ensures the exercising session is enjoyable and comfortable. They are light and are elastic which makes it easy for the person to stretch and do particular training techniques with ease. Another benefit why people choose athleisure is because they are fashionable. This makes it easier for people to wear the clothes not only at the gym when exercising but also when one is running other errands like doing shopping at the store. A person can leave the house and decide to go for a run for a few minutes and once done, he can walk across the bar to catch up with friends over beer while watching soccer or football. These are some of the reasons that athleisure is preferred by most people in the United States.

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There are many stores that provide athleisure for both men and women in the right sizes. It is imperative to make sure that you get fashionable ones and of good quality. They include yoga pants, bras that women can wear when exercising, shoes and jackets and some cool gym bags that people can use even at the library.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one of the companies that provide impeccable athleisure products for both men and women at very affordable prices. The only simple requirement is a membership that one makes and he or she can receive customized Fabletics products he is interested in. They range from yoga pants for women to sweatpants for men. The products offered are also of good quality compared to others. Therefore it is necessary to visit the site and check out some great products you could really use.

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Online Stylists Can Help You Pick Out Your Wardrobe

BuzzFeed News reporter Lara Parker recently decided to try something new and bold. She doesn’t like shopping around for new clothes at a store on The crowds, the waiting in lines at checkout and the temptation to buy more than you need are what drove Lara to try an online fashion styling service.

The online styling services works in the following way. Instead of shopping around for clothes and trying them in store, you do it through the web and try clothes out at home. There are several different online styling services available. They include Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and Tog & Porter. One of the hallmarks of an online styling service is that you usually consult with a stylist who helps you choose outfits for you. Depending on the service you use, you may chat with a stylist online, talk through the phone or video chat. You may also have to complete a questionnaire such as what you are looking for, your fashion style and preferences.

These styling services are available for men and women. In fact one online styling service began servicing men only and later evolved to serve women as well. After you complete chats, consultations and any questionnaires you will be sent a box with clothes that you can try on at home. A fee will be charged for the clothes to be delivered to you. You decide which clothes you want to keep and purchase and which one to return to the company.

Online shopping for clothes is another alternative for people who wish to avoid shopping in stores whether they want to save time or find it more convenient. Recently launched online clothing store JustFab is a great place to find sporty, athletic and fashionable clothes for women. You will find athletic gear, and more casual clothes as well. Choose from a wide selection of reasonably priced yet brand name items in departments such as shoes, handbags, boots, jewelry, dresses, skirts and more. JustFab offers full outfits that you can purchase easily online.