Up-Close With Lori Senecal As She Scales the Corporate Ladder in Marketing

Lori Senecal has been named as the new CEO of CP&B, a global firm specializing in deriving solutions for various business challenges. The company focuses on advertising, technology, experimental marketing and branding. Despite her recent appointment, Senecal will continue serving in her role as CEO and President of MDC Partner. The firm is no rush to find a replacement for her KBS role just yet.

Responsibilities as CEO

As the Global CEO of CP&B, Senecal is tasked with supervising the firm’s expansion and growth, promote coordination among the eight international offices and stimulate additional development. Chuck Porter, the company’s chairman, has hailed Senecal’s work ethic and professionalism as key reasons for her appointment. She possesses vast knowledge about the agency and is fueled by the passion for seeing it prosper. Alternatively, her exceptional expertise blends in with her passion and values to mold the most suitable professional for the job. See: https://www.shootonline.com/news/tags/13820

Her appointment signals the start of a new chapter as she is expected to collaborate with the in-house management team to realize company goals. Along with Richard Pinder and Andrew Keller, the current CEO, the firm is on course to effectively meet the needs of its diverse clients.

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Events Leading Up To Her Employment

Lori’s appointment comes in the backdrop of a series of events that ultimately led to her recognition. As of August 2014, Senecal served as CEO at KBS and was feted as the global executive chairman. With her post, Lori Senecal was tasked with consulting with various MDC agencies to identify growth areas and initiate development activities. Her experience also came in handy when CP&B was in the market for a professional with an in-depth knowledge of booming markets in the Far East.

Interview with Laura Dunn
Lori Senecal recently had a sit down with Laura Dunn in which she provided an up-close profile about her professional life. As the last born in a family of four siblings, Lori credits her self- drive for success as a key determinant to the leader she is today. She had to break down stereotypes to shape her destiny and achieve her accomplishments.

The entrepreneur also credits her past work experience at KBS as a guiding compass to positive change. As a leader, she focuses on creating a culture of inspiration that brings out the best in individuals. Such a culture promotes synergy within a team, and they are more likely to achieve set goals. Senecal advises women to pursue careers in marketing due to their unique empathy, respect and ability to act on instincts as essential qualities of a competent professional.

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