Investments Made by Fortress Investment Group

One of the recent investments made by Fortress Investment is in iPass. IPass has many people around the world to access the various Wi-Fi hotspots in places such as public centers, airports, hotels, bus stops, and entertainment venues. The amount funded by Fortress Investment Group in iPass was $20 million. This investment aims to increase the number of Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe to be accessible by individuals and private companies.

Fortress Group has a unique way of expanding their investments by going public, unlike other investment companies. When investing, Fortress Investment Group does focus on the future returns for its clients. To manage the assets which are estimated to be $40 billion, Fortress Group has employed 900 staff members. In recent times, Fortress has made headlines through project news. The first being recognition from the financial industry and secondly, the rate at which its growth is impressive. View the group’s profile on Linkedin.

Another significant move made by Fortress Group is when Softbank bought assets worth billions. After this, Softbank developed a management group, Softbank Financial Services based in London and it is aimed at becoming the top in the industry. Softbank is also seeking to venture into the real estate market in New York through Fortress Investment Group. On the other hand, through this move, Fortress will be able to reach other opportunities around the globe.

Recently, All Aboard Florida, a company owned by Fortress Investment Group that provides rail services received bonds worth $2 billion. The bonds were given by the government so that they can increase their rail services in Florida. The money is to be invested in an ongoing rail project that will see people using the high-speed rail instead of their cars. This will reduce traffic and congestion, and tourists will enjoy spending around the city. This rail project is expected to be completed by 2022.

The Fortress Investment also made headlines for the new TSX Broadway Project, a skyscraper set to be at the center of Times Square. This building will include stores, retail shops, and entertainment spaces. The cost of this investment is estimated to be about $2.2 billion.

The above projects from purchase by Softbank, to All Aboard Florida rail project and the TSX Broadway skyscraper project, makes the Fortress Investment make headlines that it can penetrate an industry and succeed. It will be interesting to keep watch of other projects that they plan to venture at, in the future.

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Meet the Founder of Altium Capital, Jacob Gottlieb, a Successful Health Care Investor

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful entrepreneur who has invested in health care. He is the founder of Altium Capital. His firm invests in health care companies with the potential of becoming successful. He is a graduate in Economics from the Brown University. He also went to the medical school of New York University where he got his MD. Gottlieb earned his CFA from the Association for Investments Management and Research. He achieved his P.R.M from the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association.

Altium’s Investments

The company has its headquarters outside the city of New York. Altium has a 5.61% stake in Oramed company, which is in Jerusalem. The company developed an oral drug for diabetic patients. Altium also has a 9.81% share in Sellas Life Sciences. This company uses unique technology in the treatment of cancer.

Another essential investment is in Amarin, a pharmaceutical company in Dublin, Ireland. The company developed Vascepa, a drug that is suitable for treating cardiovascular disease. The drug has omega-3 fatty acid as its main ingredient. Oragenics is another company with Altium’s investments. Oragenics focuses on the replacement of harmful bacteria with the helpful ones. This form of replacement helps achieve effective therapies for patients.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Career

He worked for two years at Sanford C.Bernstein company as a buy-side analyst. He has also worked for several years at Merlin BioMed Group. Here Jacob Gottlieb worked as a portfolio manager in charge of investments. He is also one of the founders of Balyasny Asset Management company.

In 2005, Jacob Gottlieb founded Visum Asset Management Company. The $8billion hedge fund company also focused on health care investments. The company had employed more than 200 employees and had its main offices in New York City. But, the company stopped operating after the occurrence of a scandal. After getting his clearance from the scandal, Gottlieb established Altium Capital.

More Information

Jacob Gottlieb uses his time and resources to support the less privileged in the society. He assists organizations that provide education to the less fortunate. Such organizations include New Yorkers for Children and Robin Hood Foundation. He also contributes to the East Harlem Tutorial Program and Windward School.

Fortress Investment Group: WSJ Owner of SoftBank Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Masayoshi Son, the founder and owner of SoftBank completed a purchase agreement to gain Fortress Investment Group in February 2017. According to Wall Street Journal, the alternative asset management firm sold the limited liability company for over $3 billion. SoftBank is a leading Japanese investment business with the mission of becoming the largest international company. Soon after the acquisition, Fortress’s stock prices increased by 29 percent. Stockholders who invested into the Fortress Class A Fund received $8.08 per share after the transaction closed, according to WSJ. Visit

Fortress Investment Group is continuing operations under the leadership of Randy Nardone, Pete Briger, and Wes Edens in New York City. It is running independently within SoftBank organization with Nardone and Edens serving as Co-CEO. The goal of SoftBank is to double Fortress’s assets in the next three years. They are marketing its assets to the sovereign funds network and international net worth investors. Masayoshi Son told WSJ he plans to sell a part of the unit operation comprising the general partnership.

Son said his goal is to place the company and its investors at the head of emerging technologies including AI (artificial intelligence) and the Internet of Things. Fortress is on the New York Stock Exchange and manages approximately $70 billion in assets, real estate, private equity, and credit. Son said the acquisition alone with the substantial investment fund will hopefully speed up transforming his company into one of the largest investment firms worldwide.

Nardone and Edens co-found Fortress Investment Group in 1998 providing services to high net-worth individuals in the United States and global countries. Fortress is the first hedge fund managing company to sell shares to the public in America. The management firm offers investment solutions for buyouts, corporation restructuring, and turnarounds in the finance, real estate, energy, transportation, telecommunications, and healthcare industries. Fortress’s management team invests in undervalued and financially troubled assets, and capital, real estate, and intellectual property assets. The company also has interests in medical facilities, senior living, power generation equipment, and gaming investing transactions in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.



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Fortress Investment Group Acquires a Gem on Florida’s Palm Beach

Fortress Investment Group (FIG) was founded two decades ago by Wes Edens and Randal Nardone, skilled business administrators with a wealth of experience in the finance sector. During its inception, FIG operated as a small equity firm serving some few parts of the United States.

Today, Fortress Investment Group has transitioned to a global investment manager managing billions of assets. Moreover, the group owns a diversity of physical and financial investment vehicles distributed across the world’s real estate and finance industry.

In a recent announcement, Fortress Investment Group announced that it had acquired the Iconic Tiffany Building, a luxury shopping mall located at Worth Avenue in Florida’s Palm Beach.

Why does Fortress Investment Group regard Tiffany Building as a gem in its portfolio?

Tiffany Building is strategically located at Worthy Avenue, a premier shopping destiny, and a prime real estate space in the United States. The avenue hosts important establishments like Cartier, a leading seller of jewelry, and Versace, a giant fashion company.

Worth Avenue is recognized amongst other leading retail districts like Lincoln Road, Miami, and Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

Fortress management says that the acquisition is an excellent addition to FIG’s prime investment vehicles like Springleaf Financial Services, Mount Kellet, Florida East Coast Railway, Penn National Gaming, Intrawest, and RailAmerica.

Greg Matus, the brokerage expert who negotiated the acquisition said that Fortress Investment Group was privileged to own a real estate space in Worth Avenue. “Very few assets exchange hands in this business destiny,” said Greg Matus.

The acquisition of Tiffany Building is one of the main developments that Fortress has made since it was acquired by Softbank, a giant investment firm in the world’s technology industry.

Investment Critics Views on FIG’s Latest Acquisition

Top investment critics say that Fortress’ latest acquisition was an extension of the group’s plans to develop Brightline, a rail service that will connect Las Vegas to Southern California. At present, the project is under development.

Fortress was also planning to connect Atlanta to Charlotte, St. Louis to Chicago, and Houston to Dallas. However, these rail projects were reliant on the success of the Las Vegas-Southern California project.