GoBuyside Is Working To Pair The Right Talent With The Right Companies:

As the founder of GoBuyside, Mr. Arjun Kapur is currently accomplishing his goal of helping out professionals within the financial industry. GoBuyside is accomplishing the goal of providing assistance by providing a transparent platform that financial industry professionals can make use of in regard to the job market. This platform is a god between for both the financial industry companies that are looking for talent and the talented financial professionals out there that are looking to be employed. Arjun Kapur’s inspiration for founding GoBuyside came from his recognition that the industry desperately needed a platform like this due to the increasing level of competition that CEO’s now face in landing the best individuals for the job.

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The best thing about GoBuyside is the fact that it is an equally beneficial platform for the financial talent that is out there. There is no doubt that the types of individuals who’s qualifications make them ideal for work in financial industry are also many times sought after by other fields of business as well. When you also take into consideration the global nature of today’s business world, many talented individuals have a lot of options. GoBuyside is working to ensure that the right talent gets paired with the right companies in the financial industry.

Since 2014, the compensation for professionals in finance has been steadily increasing in yet another factor that is related to the increase in competition for talent. This is a phenomenon that the team at GoBuyside has been diligently investigating. This is all part of an effort on the part of the firm to better understand this aspect of the employment aspect of financial sector. These kinds of efforts are the reason that GoBuyside has been able to continually improve what they do ever since first beginning operations.

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