US Money Reserve Aims At Boosting Customer Experience Through Their Improved Website

A while ago, the US Money Reserve proudly announced their new and enhanced online platform. The new looks of the firm’s website mirrors their prestige as the pioneer in the industry. The new added features reflect the core values of the company; trust and commitment to provision of superior service experience to customers. The complete online redesign features amazing photography of the firm’s distinguished and notable leader, the current company’s president and former Director of US Mint, Philip Diehl, in addition to a new photo gallery of coins. This new site is aimed at educating customers on the advantages that come with possessing government-issued bullions, as well as enhancing their experience of using gold coins to purchase precious metals.


The firm’s Vice President of Brands and Creativity, Ryan Buchanan, explained how the company was now in possession of a fully-responsive device that would enable them generate content throughout their platforms, enhance interaction with their clients, and provide the best precious metal products in the world, through their highly secure online storefront. Buchanan was in charge of the whole redesign, including implementation of various new features, and applications channeled towards enlightening customers and making the purchase of bullions easier.


The ever-growing virtual shop offers a live competitive valuing of Silver and Gold bars and bullion. Furthermore, the US Money Reserve provides PCGS-certified coins and exclusive products for discerning buyers of precious metals. Clients are able to sign up for free gold info tool and tour the knowledge center to get up-to-date information regarding precious metals and the terms associated with purchasing, minting, and grading coins. Latest updates concerning the market on precious metals can be found in the Full Headline Gold Newsroom.


With the Client-Connect Advantage, the firm can now easily contact their clients for a one-on-one consultation, purchasing assistance, secure offline transactions, and special offline release. The company’s BuyBack Guarantee has been termed as the industry’s best return policy since it provides a complete refund on all certified coin orders within 30 days, and at the prevailing market value. Having the fastest insured mode of shipping, and new programs such as Gold Standard IRA, it is basically the reason why clients find the firm’s new era to be exciting.


For many years, clients have put all their trust in US Money Reserve’s ability to help them in choosing the best quality, and most relevant valuable metals for their collections. Most of these individuals are currently considered to be in profitable positions owing to their wise purchases.

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