Whitney Wolfe Herd Planning to Expand Bumble Dating App Worldwide Soon

One of the names that are often heard in the world of dating these days is Whitney Wolfe Herd. She has served as the co-founder of Tinder, which speaks a lot about the experience she has in developing dating applications and the technology relevant to it. After Whitney Wolfe Herd called it quit at Tinder in 2014, she went on to pursue her career independently, and it is what led to the development of the Bumble dating app. Whitney Wolfe Herd founded Bumble in 2015, and since then the app has been growing at a rapid pace. It has been able to gain close to 12 million members, and the number continues to increase at a fast pace.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has always had a vision when it comes to building a dating app, and she has used all her creativity in ensuring that Bumble dating app offers something new and unique to the users. One of the best parts about Bumble, which is appreciated by millions of its members, is that it permits only women to send a message to men first. Once the women have sent the message to men, the male members can post a response, but not before that. It is a well-known fact that women are faced with encounters on dating apps and sites that are nothing short of insult, bullying, or abuse. To filter out such experiences, Whitney Wolfe Herd introduced this feature that would not allow men to send messages until women wish to contact the male members first.

Whitney Wolfe Herd knew from the very beginning that this feature of allowing women to contact first would always be met with criticism, but she wasn’t scared of taking her chances. It worked well for her, and Bumble is now amongst the top five dating apps in the market currently, and is soon going to move up the ranks as per the rate in which it is attracting new members. It is presently active in 10 countries and is under planning to be launched in many other countries soon. The Forbes has estimated that Bumble is worth over a billion dollars. Whitney Wolfe Herd is already getting acquisition offers from other giants in the dating world, including $450 million offer from Match.com recently. However, she is no mood to give up on her brainchild anytime soon and has many new plans for its expansion in the pipeline.

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Fabletics is Making Their Customers Happy

Fabletics has become successful by getting to know its customers and by taking its time in scaling their company. Instead of the pop-up method, Fabletics has utilized a Lifestyle Quiz to find out more about its newest members. This has helped Fabletics to provide the very best and most personalized service to its customers. The Lifestyle Quiz that members take tells Fabletics what it is that the consumer is really after so that they can provide just the right product.


Instead of being at a disadvantage thanks to “showrooming,” Fabletics has used a reverse showrooming technique to prevent shoppers from browsing and then inevitably buying elsewhere. Because of this, Fabletics has a member base that shop in-store with another 25 percent becoming members in-store. It doesn’t matter where their members shop, either in-store or online, their purchases all count towards their shopping cart. Wherever they shop, they are still getting the great service and personalized shopping experience that they want.


Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, is very much involved with her company and is in charge of deciding what stays on the market and what gets scratched. She knows exactly what the customer wants thanks to the Lifestyle Quiz that new members take and can adjust her athleisure line accordingly.


Even though Kate doesn’t have a traditional business degree, she knows what the customer wants. She is also a very active and involved owner of her company.


Fabletics has not gone unnoticed, and even celebrities have fallen in love with the brand. Fabletics is not just about great athleisure wear bit the brand is all about empowering women and making its members feel comfortable and sexy in what they wear.


Although Fabletics has had its fair share of hurdles, it has proven to be a very successful company that values its customers. They offer great workout wear for a price that will fit into every budget without skimping on any of the quality. Information has helped the company to grow and the data collected helps them provide their customers with exactly what they want.


Fabletics has even gotten a great rating form the Better business bureau and in just 18 months. Their partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group has also proven to be a smart move, and they have grown profusely because of it. Fabletics already has 22 retail stores and has big plans to expand over the upcoming years.

Fabletics Helps Connect Customers to Great Clothes

Since Fabletics first started, their mission has been to help women get the clothes they need in the most convenient and affordable way. The clothes they sell are meant to empower women while also making them feel comfortable. They know what they are doing when it comes to the market which has helped them to be a disruptor in the fashion industry. Even Kate Hudson supports Fabletics because it is a company she works with to make sure she is offering the best clothing ideas for them. For Fabletics to do this, they had to make sure their clothes were the best of the best since Kate Hudson doesn’t want to just support anyone.


Another thing Fabletics has done differently is offer people the chance to shop using the reverse showroom. Traditional online stores give people many different options to shop around even if the options they have to show aren’t what the customer is looking for. Fabletics is confident in their abilities so they make sure they can show their customers only what they are looking for. Part of what has made them so special is the fact they can give customers a nearly-perfect idea of what they will be able to see while they are using the site.


To figure out what customers are interested in, Fabletics has a Lifestyle Quiz. They require their customers to take the quiz. The customers simply answer questions about their life, their sense of style and what they are looking for when it comes to clothes. Fabletics puts this information together and uses it to show people what they can get out of the clothes they have to offer. It is part of what has made Fabletics among the best. Since they know so much about their customers, they can create outfits that are perfect for them.


In addition to all of this, Fabletics makes it easy to buy the clothes they have. All customers have to do is sign up once and they will receive the subscription. There are several steps they’ll have to take to make sure they are doing things right, but it will allow them the chance to try different outfits. Customers will generally need to approve the outfits each time they are sent a box or they are sent an outfit. This helps to cut down on the returns that would normally come to the company from customers who didn’t love their selection.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Information about Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s athleisure company had made a lot of revenue within three years. All this was from the commitment of the business in the field of business. The company’s value by then was reading at $250 million, and it was posing a lot of competition to the rest of the companies such as Amazon in the market. Amazon by then was one of the companies which were riding high in the sphere of the e-commerce regarding the fashion industries. The company was founded in the year 2013, and it was driven by the team of experts which were regarding different departments. The company boosted the level of the services that it was providing in the market through innovation. Fabletics strategy of countering its competitors in the market through various styles to attract many customers for their products. The substantial move that Fabletics made was to encourage women to remain healthy through the workout plan that was set up by the company. Furthermore, the company became part of the sports arena by making the attracts subscribe to the company through their online shopping.

The team of the expert of the Kate Hudson’s company has put in place measures in the firm that boost the level of the sales of the enterprise. The customers of the company have been made access a lot of the services through the best strategies that have been put in place. The primary focus of the company is to attract many businesses through its brands. The experts of the business have created the brand that has the features that are making the company stand out in the market as compared to the rest of the companies. It has been recognized as one of the businesses that have the well-designed brand that is appealing to the customers, and this has increased the depth of trust by the customers to the company. The company through his profound research and dedication have networked on the various parts of the world through its branches to reach as many customers as possible.

Effect of show room reservation.

The strategy of the Fabletics has merited the company in various areas of operation about the business matters. This has put the company at a vantage position as compared the rest of the competitors in the market. The move that the corporation has employed is creating a good harmony with the existing customers and involving them in any decision that the company is considering best to make concerning marketing. Most of the members that are running out operations within the Fabletics were at a point the clients of the enterprise. This move has helped the company in winning a lot of customers in the market.

Athleisure Brand winning

Kate’s dedication that it will put the company in the best position in the market through its commitment has enabled him to compete well with other businesses such as Nike. The system of the Fabletics Company recognizes its team of experts to give the morale to set the work smoothly. The primary strategy that Fabletics puts it effort much is the identification of the areas which are not well supplied and giving them excellent services at affordable prices.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Has Gained Serious Ground on Amazon

Amazon is rolling along year after year in the fashion e-commerce market, having sold well in excess of 20 percent in sales in the entire market. Speaking of market, there are currently thousands of clothing retailers all trying for that top spot, yet Amazon is commanding one of every five dollars made in this extremely competitive niche. Off in the distance we see a new competitor making serious headway in this niche, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is about to really grab everyone’s attention. In a little under three short years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold $250 million in women’s active-wear and workout apparel.


To better understand why this athleisure brand has been exploding in popularity, Hudson says that it is a unique blending of the sales technique known as reverse showrooming and her creative membership perks. Taking a closer look at how these two work together, we only need to visit the Fabletics retail store in one of the local malls. The atmosphere here is quite unique, as you see women all over the store trying on anything they can get their hands on, without pressure from the sales associates that they need to be making purchases.


Where Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is really distancing themselves in the fashion e-commerce market, their website. Once a customer leaves the store and then heads to the website, what they will discover is everything that was worn inside the mall has been uploaded to the customer profile page. This means the customer now can continue shopping exactly where they left off at the mall. One other advantage of shopping the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics website is that you will find a larger choice of leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants. Without the concern of sizing, these customers are literally stuffing their online carts with more impulse items than even the company anticipated.


Membership at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics also comes with free shipping of online orders, discounts on all active-wear and workout apparel throughout the site, and even your very own shopping assistant. Your assistant looks at your quiz answers and then chooses one item each month they will place in your shopping cart. Love the item or not, this entire shopping experience at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all bout being pampered and treated like you are a valued customer. Amazon may not be able to complete long-term with the non-existent membership perks they offer their customers.

Fabletics – Revolutionary Athleisure Brand with Unique Business Model

The world of fashion retail is fast developing and evolving, and many new e-commerce portals are opening up now and then. One of the online fashion retail companies that have made its mark in the business in a very short span of time is Fabletics. Fabletics is the subsidiary brand of TechStyle Fashion Group, which is co-owned by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is among the top Hollywood celebrities, and her association with Fabletics helped the company to get the much-needed boost in their marketing initiatives in the preliminary stages.


Fabletics is an athleisure brand that was initially started as a fashion startup, but in a very short period, it became a very well-established brand that gave even giants like Amazon a tough run for their money. It is primarily because Fabletics believed in providing customers with value for money. There are many companies out there that are selling fitness clothing, but Fabletics offered high-quality products at a much lesser price than its counterparts. Kate Hudson said that the idea of Fabletics came into her mind because even a simple Yoga pant from a high street fashion brand would cost around $200 or more. It was simply unfair is what Kate Hudson thought, and that is what gave birth to Fabletics.


Fabletics has athleisure clothing for women from size XXS to 3X, and have new designs added each month. Moreover, customers can choose and pick from the selection that is specially designed as per their taste and preference each month through the subscription model business Fabletics does. All the VIP members of the company get an e-mail each month with a selection of clothes to choose from, and consumers can opt to select them or rollover their subscription money for use the next month. It is a very convenient shopping model designed for the new age women, who do not want to waste time and money scrolling through endless varieties available on the internet.


The reverse showroom technique, earlier followed successfully by companies such as Apple and Warby Parker, was also implemented by Fabletics. It helped in adding to the success Fabletics already achieved online while also helping the brand to penetrate the market further. As per the sales figure, it helped the brand to acquire a lot of VIP members since the brand opened 18 stores at key locations across the country. Women looking to join Fabletics must take a Lifestyle Quiz on their website today to get an idea of how the company offers a unique and personalized shopping experience to its members.

Having Your Own Amazing Online Shopping Experience at Fabletics

There are women right now who have decided that shopping at Amazon for apparel just is not the experience they had anticipated, and these women are now happily shopping at Fabletics instead. While the company offers rock-bottom prices on high-end workout apparel, it is the buying experience as a whole that is transforming this industry. To get a better understanding why Fabletics is fast-becoming the leader in selling sports apparel, we need to dig a little into the makings of this company.


To start, you really can’t go wrong when you have the likes of Kate Hudson as the co-founder. The company got global recognition when ti starting offering customers the opportunity to buy any piece of apparel for $25 with free shipping. Women were used to paying over $100 for the same pieces on Amazon, but now getting it at a fraction of the price with free shipping too. Where the big difference in shopping experiences is apparent, you get VIP membership at Fabletics that is changing the way women shop online.


Fabletics has taken the concept of reverse showrooming and taken it to new heights. The company actually encourages you browse offline, because they have developed a unique way to combine that with the online experience. A staggering number of people who walk trough the retail shops and buy, see their items automatically added to their online shopping carts. That means if they leave the store and then shop online later that night, every item is waiting for them to close out the sale. They get exactly what they want at prices that even Amazon can not touch.


But Fabletics is more than juts a low price online outlet, it is a whole shopping experience. Once you make your initial purchase, you are encouraged to take a Lifestyle Quiz, and upon completion you receive your VIP membership. Unlike other memberships that are nothing but a fancy name and nothing more, with the Fabletics VIP status, you get locked into a $49.95 price point on future orders. Even if the yoga pants normally sell on the site for $128, you pay $49.95 and again get free shipping. Amazon charges $75+ for annual 2-day shipping, Fabletics gives all it’s VIP member free shipping for life.


What do women around the country say about Fabletics? Here are comments on very popular review websites that tell the story:


According to Suzi who left a comment at Trust Pilot, “I love the fact that every month a shopping associate at Fabletics picks out something based on my quiz results. If I love it, I buy it. If not, I shop for something else. Simple and easy!!!!”


Tami remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I love being able to window shop at the store with no money, then go home that night and when i get paid just checkout online. Seriously? Could this get easier?”


Chris commented at Krazy Coupon Lady, “I bought a 3-piece workout set last month for $49.95. The exact same outfit on Amazon was selling for $119 with 2-day shipping. I love Fabletics”.

Fabletics Takes on Amazon for Lead Position of Active Wear

What are your favorite ways to workout? Do you work out in the gym or at home? Do you workout in both places? If you do, what types of active wear do you wear more often? If you wear the same active wear for all areas of working out, what types of active wear are you most comfortable in? Here are some different places that you might in and here are some options for you to try when working out.

Gym, Run, Cycle and Yoga Are Different Ways to Workout

If you are looking for new stylish leggings, Fabletics has a number of new styles for you to try. One of the more popular styles is the Salar Legging type. The new pattern is flowers going up the side of the leggings and is available in a variety of colors. If you do not like the floral pattern, there is a black and white grunge looking style of leggings called Brogan leggings. They are also one of the more popular types and if you order at the right time, you can purchase two for a much lower price than what they normally are.

If you are a Capri style active wearer, you might like the new crop style from Fabletics. They come in a variety of colors and will sit slightly above your hips and resemble the low ride jeans. They will fall right below the knee cap and are made from a variety of materials.

The following are styles of the Fabletics crop style pants. You can choose from any of these when placing an order.

  • Winn Mid Rise Crop
  • Navassa Crop
  • McKenzie
  • Salar

If you are interested in purchasing 3 piece outfits, the popular choice is the Brooke outfit. The three piece outfit comes in a variety of color styles and are perfect for any type of activity you are doing. One of the more popular choices is the hot pink, purple and black tie dye looking design. If you want to purchase a 2 piece outfit, the saskia outfit is also available in various colors and patterns.

If you live in an area that gets cold, the new Annabelle pattern is stylish and offers a sweatshirt kind of look. You will be able to comfortably workout in any weather. The sweatshirt can be worn with a number of other style pants such as the crops, leggings or even with a pair of your favorite jeans.

If you are interested in working out with your partner, the Fabletics team has come up with a men’s line of workout wear. They make regular looking dockers and also have made a style in mens joggers. If you want to purchase the mens clothing, you want to purchase them well in advance because they do sell out quickly. The mens clothing are top of the line stylish and are equally comfortable to wear.

Fabletics has worked hard to sell their active wear since they have to compete with competitors like Amazon who control 20% of e-commerce sales for the active wear target audience.

The Active Wear Brand that is Everything!

Looking for a brand of Athletic gear that looks great and feels great too? I’m talking about Fabletics, the active wear line co-founded by Kate Hudson. Did I mention it’s also affordable!

Fabletics has been an online subscription service for 3 years, but they are now venturing out into Brick and Mortar! You can now purchase your favorite collections in person. You can try them on, feel the fabric, see the quality and get help from real live sales associates. Fabletics plans to open 75 to 100 stores in the U.S. over the next 3-5 years. How awesome is that? They have recently opened a seventh store in The Mall of America.

Men’s apparel and Accessories on Popsugar were added just last year to this collection and the company is expanding to Swimwear and Dresses this year. If you’re looking for Bold colors, unique patterns and lower price points, Fabletics is the place to shop.

In case you didn’t already know, Fabletics is co-founded by the Actress/Mother of two and fashionista Kate Hudson. She along with Don Resser and Adam Goldenberg created the brand in October of 2013 when they noticed the lack of stylish activewear available in the marketplace at an affordable price. The company started in 2013 and has broadened it’s horizons by opening six U.S. Retail locations by October of 2015. That is quite an accomplishment. You go Fabletics!
How it works…

To sign up to receive these amazingly stylish active wear outfits, you must first sign up for a subscription online. You go to Fabletics and click on “Get Started”. You will be asked to complete a Quiz in order to determine your style and work out routine. This helps the stylists hand pick outfits for you according to your specific taste and workout routine. Your first outfit is only $25 with free shipping! That’s a great deal, right? You also have a 30 day fit guarantee. You have 30 days after the shipping date to return your outfit for an exchange or a refund. If you ask for a refund, you may be subject to a $5.95 restocking fee. Just be mindful that the $25 is ONLY for your first outfit. You are signing up for a subscription service, so you will be billed monthly on finance.yahoo.com. After your first outfit, the following months will automatically charge $49.95 to your credit card or draft from your checking account. The good thing is, you can choose to “skip the month”. If you decide you don’t need an extra outfit or simply just can not afford it for the month, you can simply log in to your account and select “skip the month” and you will not be charged. You MUST do this between the 1st and 5th of each month or you will be charged and your account will be credited for One outfit. They will never ship without your approval, so you must log in to choose your outfit for the month or you’ll be charged and credited so that you can pick out your outfit later. This needs to be done by the 6th of every month. You will also be charged a $4.95 shipping and handling fee after your first month.

Fabletics supports and celebrates ALL body types. Whether you’re a thin and tall or short and curvy, Fabletics has something for you. Reviews on Fabletic’s Facebook page state “These Leggings are Everything” and “Wow looking great Ladies! I love seeing these styles on different body types”. If you’re a social media person, you can find Fabletics on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can view videos, model photo shoots and upcoming releases of new styles.

JustFab Is Only Getting Better With Time

The Los Angeles times recently did an article about JustFab. JustFab is a company that is completely subscription-based. When a member decides to join JustFab, all they have to do is pay a monthly fee, and then they will be able to order the items that they want. JustFab seems to be one of the only companies that is doing well when it comes to subscription-based sales. One of the founders of JustFab is named Adam Goldenberg, and he spoke about how the company is planning to make some changes in August. Goldberg brings out that the company might get a new name which avoids the word fab. Apart from that, the company possibly will be going public, but it is not certain exactly when. Reference: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-justfab-subscription-20160629-snap-story.html

JustFab has been able to expand beyond just being a company that sells women’s shoes, and they are a company that sells handbags, and a children’s clothing line called FabKids. The new active-ware brand from Kate Hudson called Fabletics has been a very popular addition to JustFab as well. There are individuals that can become VIP members of JustFab. These individuals can choose to avoid being billed if they are not going to make a purchase during a month, or they can buy something else if they would like.

Each individual that is billed from JustFab gets to pick out items that they are interested in. They are never receiving items that they do not like. Even though the company came under fire because of settlement that happened 2014, it became very evident that JustFab was an honest company. They have now done even more to eliminate problems with confusion when it came to subscriptions. JustFab has done even more to improve their customers experience, and they have corrected any past mistakes that may have led to issues.