These Tips From Professional Party Planners Will Help You Throw A Stunning Party

When it comes to throwing a party, it can be hard to find the balance between impressing your guests and keeping your sanity. With so many details to stay on top of, it’s easy to find yourself feeling completely exhausted by the time that your guests arrive.


We asked professional event planners in NYC to give us some tips when it comes to being the perfect host as well as the organized planner. By following these tips, you’ll be able to throw a successful and exciting party without wearing yourself out before the party even begins.



  1. Make Up a Theme


Everyone loves a themed party. Pick a historical period or a movie that you and your friends love. Be sure to keep this theme in mind when you’re picking out the decor, the menu and your outfit!



  1. Create a Designated Bar Area


Let guests serve themselves alcohol by creating a bar inside your home. Convert a piece of furniture into a well-stocked bar that contains mixers, cocktail napkins, assorted glassware and fun and creative garnishes.



  1. Create a Signature Cocktail


Show off your creative side by developing a signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy. Have fun experimenting with different flavors, colors and garnishes. You can arrange these cocktails on a large tray that is placed somewhere by the entrance so that guests can start loosening up as soon as they enter your home.



  1. Create a Special Table Just for Kids


If you plan on having children at your party, create a space that’s just for them. Set up a table that has puzzles, crayons and dishware that is safe for kids. Your guests who have children will appreciate it beyond belief.



  1. Give Useful Party Favors


Everyone has taken home party favors that ended up in the garbage. For your party, give out favors that actually serve a purpose. You can bake some cookies to give out to your guests or pick up some beautiful handmade soaps from your local soap shop.



  1. Go with a Professional


If you want to play host without worrying about the stress of planning and throwing a party, hire a professional planner. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning company in NYC with a reputation for turning people’s party-related dreams into realities. Whether you’re throwing a small dinner party for 10 or an anniversary party for 100, Twenty Three Layers can manage the small details as well as the big decisions.

Visit their office in New York: 420 West 14th St., Ste. 2NE New York, NY 10014

Twenty Three Layers Of Heaven At Your Next Party

Twenty Three Layers brings true innovation to every event they help plan. Teddy had a real treat for his first birthday with a well thought out farm themed party. Special gift favors on a wagon full of hay set the farm theme into motion when the guests walk in the room. With events being catered with such exciting decor, unique snacks, and attention to detail; this family will have great memories to pass down in the future.

Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning company in NYC that can make your party come alive. Regardless of the event, Twenty Three Layers has an approach to astonish your guests and make others envious they didn’t show up to your event. They have ties to many reputable and sought after vendors to make your special day perfect.

The list of satisfied clients includes big corporate names such as Jaguar and America’s Cup presented by Louis Vuitton. The people you will find working at Twenty Three Layers are not your typical event planners. The work of Jessica Boskoff is equal to the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Jessica is more than just an event designer and planner. Her job is an artist. To take your event and transform it into a piece of art. Most event planners take your money and drive to Party City or some hole in the wall to fulfill your needs. The whole purpose of throwing a party is to have it exciting, and memorable. Cheap dollar store streamers will not create an event that people will talk about in the future. Twenty Three Layers has a professional and artistic view when planning events. They will work with your budget and every concept of your event. Leave it up to the professionals at Twenty Three Layers for your unforgettable event.

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