Beneful has changed dog food forever

Dogs are truly man’s best friend. People depend on their dog to wake them up in the morning, guard the house, and to simply be a friendly face on a daily basis. Dog lovers would do whatever is necessary to keep their best friend healthy and happy. Until recently, all a dog owner could do is to offer their friend food, water, and exercise on a regular basis. These basic needs have helped dogs live healthy lives for years, but dog owners that want to improve the quality of their dog’s lives should consider feeding them the best possible dog food. Many dog food companies claim to offer premium ingredients with the vitamins and nutrients they need. Beneful is one of the most influential dog food companies, and their line up of dog food products is sure to keep dog’s everywhere happy and healthy. has a huge line up of dog food products, and they use only the best possible ingredients. One of the best products in their line up is their dog treats. Dog owners love giving their dogs treats, but they need to support the dog’s health. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges are an excellent treat for dogs. These treats feature amazing meaty middles that dogs love tearing into, and the ridges help keep their teeth clean. The Dental Ridges have received amazing reviews and dog owners rave about these treats.

Beneful’s line up of dog treats ( is insanely popular, but their dry dog food is equally popular. Beneful’s Originals ( line offers dry dog food with premium ingredients like chicken, beef, and salmon. Beneful also has a line of dry dog food aimed at keeping your dog healthy, including Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy, and Playful Life. Beneful is proud of the dry dog food they have to offer, and dog owners can be proud of their healthy dogs.

Dog owners should make every effort to offer their dog’s the healthiest possible foods. For too long, getting the best possible food for your dog required hours of guess work, but now Beneful makes Wal-Mart shopping for dog food simple and satisfying.


I Finally Found A Dog Food He Woul Eat

When I first got Blackjack as a puppy, he would eat just about anything. Being economy-minded, and not giving much thought to it, I bought dog food in bulk at discount stores and there never seemed to be a problem. He grew, he loved us, and at meal times he ate like a normal dog. I’d been raised not to “spoil” my pets, so I very rarely gave him anything off the human’s table. Every now and then, however, I could not help myself but share a piece of steak or a little hamburger, just to be nice.
When he finished his adolescence, I noticed he had developed a finicky taste. He didn’t eat as much, and sometimes seemed disinterested in the food. He would occasionally pick up a few pieces of kibble, hide them in his cheeks, and deposit them in little places around the apartment. I got concerned when he started to lose some weight.

My search began for a better food for him, and fate intervened. Once, when stocks were low, I borrowed some leftover food from a friend of mine. It happened to be Purinastore’s Beneful Original, and I was surprised by how energetically Blackjack ate it. I don’t remember what flavor it was, but I immediately switched to Beneful and have been happy with the result.

I normally stock up on the Beef Originals, but vary it with chicken and salmon to offer a change for my dog. He never seems to tire of it, and I am glad the recipes include things like carrots, spinach and peas.

To keep his teeth healthy, I’ve found through wikipedia the Beneful twists work best. It doesn’t take long for him to wrestle one into his stomach, but I have noticed an improvement in his breath. I guess it goes to show how much the right food can do. Beneful is available online on