Choosing a Fruit Blend from EOS

EOS is one of the leading lip balm manufacturers out there and has been able to build up a loyal following of customers despite being in business for only a decade. While EOS’ iconic sphere applicators often attract the attention of journalists and customers, it is what is inside these containers that is truly notable. More fascinating stories here on

EOS was started by individuals who were focused on creating quality lip balms for those who were concerned with the sourcing of the ingredients of their lip balms a EOS has focused on all-natural and organic ingredients in their products. The benefits of this ingredient sourcing is a lip balm that works better than those available from other manufacturers as well as lip balms that don’t taste artificial or fake. The lack of artificial ingredients really shows through in the taste of the lip balm.

EOS has a wide range of flavor options but some of the most unique are their fruit blend flavors. Pomegranate raspberry is my personal favorite of these blends as it combines into a unique flavor that is hard to describe. Both flavors stand out and blend into a truly delicious application that I found myself looking forward to applying.

Summer fruit was another EOS lip balm fruit blend that was unique and interesting. Summer fruit contains blueberry, strawberry, and peach flavors and was complex, fruity, and with some interesting flavor undertones. While each flavor was blended and didn’t stand out on their own, the application was smooth and luscious and was a welcome change from the other lip balms on the market, see for more info.

Blueberry acai was my least favorite, as I don’t care much for the acai flavor (though I love blueberry flavors). If you like the acai flavor this one is sure to impress with its freshness and interesting flavor.

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