Bruno Fagali: Integrity In His Terms

Bruno Fagali, a leading lawyer and the Corporate Integrity Manager of nova/sb, premier advertising agency in Brazil, is changing the concepts how the traditional advertising agencies work. Considering the economic downturns of the country and the mood of the nation against corruption, his views and way of governance getting huge popularity. His actions and interventions helped the firm to notch up the top spot in the advertising industry, and the firm is now greatly advantaged with the reputation.

Bruno Fagali implemented a Corporate Integrity Program at nova/sb and given training to the employees of various teams. He helped the firm to constitute an employee ethics committee as part of the program. The firm has adopted equal treatment for both employees and members. It should be noted that as the agency is getting a sizable number of contracts from government, it thought of making a clean-up in its operations. Bruno Fagali foresees that in the near future the government may force to carry out various integrity measures to ensure transparency to all the affiliated agencies.

The implementation of the transparency measures has helped the firm to reach its presence internationally. Nova/sb is the only 100% Brazilian agency that is invited to participate in various advertising competitions of international organizations. Being a specialist in Communication Public Interest (CIP), the firm could work with World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) in their campaigns.

Bruno Fagali also has set-up a law firm named Fagali Advocacia. He is a specialist in Electoral Law, bidding law, Anti-Corruption, administrative contracts, urban law, Public law, regulatory law, etc. Fagali is also an associate at IBDEE – Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics. Bruno Fagali serves as the member of the committee Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics – SCCE. He completed his masters in State Law from the University of Sao Paulo.