Billy McFarland and Magnises

When the subject comes up in regard to successful youth, you think of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Alexander the Great. All started young and achieved great success. Now you would certainly have to include Billy McFarland. His new company, Magnises is breaking all records as it’s product continues to be in great demand.

Billy McFarland, being only 23 years old when the company was founded in 2013, is officially classified as a millennial, as people in his age range are identified. According to Business Insider, The idea was humming in Billy McFarland’s mind for a way to furnish a meaningful social and business platform which would allow millennials the opportunity to hang together and network.

Millennials love to talk about themselves as well as learn what the other guy has to offer. This is how they discover new things and improve their situation. Magnises creates the ideal situation for just such occasions. The magic sauce is The Black Card.

The Black Card transfers all of the data from a member’s debit and credit cards which create an instant discount at most of the favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, travel opportunities and events where millennials love to congregate anyway. For just a $250 annual fee, a member becomes part of an elite discount program, as well as carrying the prestige of the card and all of its perks.

Special events include such outrageous situations as Tesla hosting a trip to the track to test drive some of their newest cars. Another special event was a booze cruise out into New York Harbor for a good time and a sumptuous dinner.

Business partners are selected very carefully, as they must measure up to the types of hangouts millennials frequent and they must pass muster as far as reliability and engagement. Prospective members are screened through an online application and they must be approved by management.

By the end of 2015, Magnises could boast a membership of over 10,000 along with a cash input of $3 million of venture capital. Magnises currently operates in New York City and Washington DC, but future expansion plans include Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and London.

McFarland says that the business model is in place and it works well, so it is time to bring the joy to other millennials in some of the other major metropolitan areas of the world.