Capital & The Revolution of Modern Day Banking

There are national banks, regional banks and international banks in society today. Over the past few years, regional banking has stepped its game up dramatically by offering many of the premier services of the larger banks. NexBank Capital is no exception to the rule as it has grown into one of the most powerful regional banks in the country. Whatever the services may be, NexBank can handle it thanks to its wide range of professional services, and its great leadership. President John Holt is the man in charge, and he’s helped this financial center expand across the nation.

NexBank Capital is based in Dallas, Texas. Being a regional bank, it serves the people and businesses in that specific region. This comes in the form of investment banking, mortgage banking and commercial banking. Besides those invaluable services, it provides many of the basic services such as mobile banking, online banking, treasury management, public funds and credit services. Being so progressive in its actions, NexBank has developed a diversified financial company called NexBank SSB. This branch/division has the ability to expand the services across the nation. With such progressive actions, NexBank SSB has acquired College Savings Bank. This bank is located in Princeton, New Jersey. Even though the bank will maintain its current name, it will operate as a division of NexBank.

Acquisitions are all a part of banking on any level and NexBank personifies this best. NexBank SSB has a Tier 1 leverage ratio of 9.44 percent, and its net income is around $381 million. Executive Vice President Matt Siekielski stated that “the financial center has positioned itself for continuous growth into the future with this acquisition.” The importance of acquisitions can’t be stated enough and if a business doesn’t grow, it will become obsolete. NexBank is certainly raising the bar in regional banking and that’s a fact.