Bruce Levenson Turned Around the Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks were one of the worst teams in the NBA for many years. When Bruce Levenson was young, he had an idea to eventually buy a sports team. He has always loved sports, even though he did not excel athletically. When he first sold his company, he had a lot of cash on hand. He used this cash to buy a piece of the Atlanta Hawks, and he immediately go to work. He has done a great job with the team. However, he is now involved in a lawsuit with an insurance company about during his time with the team.

Bruce Levenson

When he first started his company, Bruce Levenson had a lot of challenges. Although things were tough, he was able to get things done. This is a great example of his time in business helping to shape him as an NBA owner. There are few people who can handle the stress of that situation. The Hawks were a team without a lot of fan support or talent on the team. According to ESPN, Bruce Levenson decided to invest in the team so that the fans would invest in them. He wants to help take the city of Atlanta to the next level, and he knows what he has to do in order to succeed with his goal.

Final Thoughts

Bruce Levenson is a great person to work with in business. He founded UCG and has had a lot of great success in a variety of areas. Even though he is having some trouble related to his time with the Hawks, the job he did with the team is remarkable. Few people would have been able to accomplish what he did in such a short period of time. If you want to learn how to turn a company around, he is a great person to learn from.