Best Product For Oily Hair

Wen hair products by Chaz Dean has been called Magic in a Bottle by some. These products turn fine limp hair into luscious healthy hair. An all in one shampoo and conditioner, Wen hair products are proud to say they work on all hair types. With that being said, this product line was put to the test by Emily McClure. She chronicled her use and findings of the WEN products and even took pictures to document the results for us to see.

One day one, she read the directions on how to shampoo and condition her hair. She will tell you that it is very important to use follow the directions on the bottle. she has very oily hair and at first she was skeptical. As she continues to use WEN product for a week, she notices that her hair does look healthier and less limp and fine. During the middle of the week, when she doesn’t have time to shower and shampoo, she finds her hair is horrible. She notes that for someone who doesn’t wash hair everyday, this could be a problem. She did find the results were very positive. She had many compliments on how shiny and healthy her hair was. She determined that the product was able to make fine limp hair more full.

Chaz Dean believes in a holistic approach to life. His Wen hair products on ebay and techniques are healthy. His is a firm believer in teaching clients how to effectively maintain the health of their hair. Even his line of coloring products disregards the use of bleaches or peroxides. They energy he uses at work is the same philosophy he has with life.



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