Andrew Heiberg Expands Town Residential

Andrew Heiberger is a hands-on CEO. He likes to take charge of both marketing and branding at his company, Town Residential. It’s a company that can be said to be woven into the fabric of New York City itself. It has a unique sense of ownership and pride in being who it is, and this extends from the attitude of its CEO. Town Residential is a luxury brand amongst real estate brokerage firms. It has managed to gross over $10 billion in sales since it started operating in 2010. Its CEO is also the publisher of a lifestyle magazine that showcases the true meaning of living the high life in New York City.


Town Residential continues to redefine the luxury real estate brokerage space. Its all thanks to Andrew Heiberger’s vision and business daring. As part of his strategy to dominate the West Village of New York City, he has opened a Town Residential office in the meatpacking district. It is the 10th office the company claims and in many ways it is its most extravagant. This office is located at 446 W. 14th street. The ceilings are 16 feet high, and the area is more than 7,000 square feet. Town residential claims the entire second floor of this building. However, the more amazing fact is the roof deck on the third floor of the building. It is a lavish space that truly shows off the glory and opulence that Town Residential stands for. The company’s brokers take their clients up there to inspire them with a feeling of luxury. After they visit it, they have a true sense of what it is to live the Town Residential lifestyle.


Town Residential is the envy of the real estate broker community. There are more than 500 real estate representatives currently employed by the company and a long waiting list of those who wish they could join its team. Recently, the successful boutique brokerage firm, Thomas & Ingram, sought out a partnership with Town Residential, and they were granted it. Andrew recognized that this small firm had expertise in the West Village of New York City that could be a useful asset. Andrew is a big believer in forming key strategic partnerships like the one he has formed with Thor Equities. It owns large swaths of retail space all over the city. Andrew sees the West Side of New York as one big neighborhood. He wants to develop it and make it thrive. Condo developers have been eagerly adding towers in the vicinity of High Line park, right across the street from Town Residential. It is in the perfect position for success with capable leadership that is ready to seize opportunity.