Adam Goldenberg’s Determination for a Better Life

Adam Goldenberg has had his share of entrepreneurial mind ever since he was a kid. From an early age, he engaged in the entrepreneurial world subsequently leading to the creation of Gamer’s Inc. at just the age of 16 years in 1997. When other kids were busy having fun and enjoying what the world offers, Adam Goldenberg was determined to make it big in life. His main creation was a network that was used to advertise gaming sites on After two years of operating the Gamer’s Alliance Inc, he decided to sell it to Intermix Media who were willing to purchase the advertising network.

After selling his site, Adam decided to join Intermix Media acting as a Vice President in the Strategic Planning department. By the age of 20, Goldenberg was already a Chief Operating Officer after being promoted while still in Intermix Media. With his vision and urge to make it in life, Adam Goldenberg became the Youngest COO of a company traded publicly. Adam’s Intermix Media was later acquired by News Corps in 2005 for a lot of money and this move motivated Adam to launch other businesses in today’s market. Thus a team comprising of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler was formed leading to the rise of Intelligent Beauty Inc in 2006.

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Adam Goldenberg had a belief of putting together brilliant intellects in the industry to bring about the production of exceptional results, and this was achieved with the creation of Intelligent Beauty Inc. four years later, the brilliant minds came back together again to bring about the creation of JustFab. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were still the founders of JustFab which was in 2010 March. Another brilliant mind, Kimora Lee, decided to join the team and become a member. In 2011, Lee became the President of JustFab and the director of the Creativity department.

The feedback JustFab received after it was created was massive. An exquisite example was in 2011 where Matrix Partners on which is a capital firm in the US-funded $33 million to JustFab. In the next year, JustFab decided to expand its operation to UK, Canada, and Germany as they received more money from various companies. A children fashion company known as FabKids was later subscribed in 2013 though no connection exists between the two groups regardless of the names similarity. Things went well in the same year, and JustFab decided to expand more internationally after acquiring The Fab shoes into Spain and France.