Serge Belamant – A guru In Innovation And Technology In The World Market

Today, technology has changed the face of business. There has been digital transformation and innovation in the world market. Because of inventions in technology, most businesses are moving from traditional mode of operation to a more advanced technology oriented ways of management and operations. Change is a constant thing in life and it has become imperative to every business person to embrace digital transformation. Delivering effective and a more reliable service to customers requires the use of new innovations and technology. The market trend has been changing gradually. New innovative ways for business have been invented. In the mode of transactions, the world market celebrates Serge Belamant who invented the first Blockchain Debit card that is in high use today. A graduation was seen in market transactions when Blockchain Debit Card was invented making transactions be done wireless.

Serge Belamant wiki, Bio

He was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. Studied Computer science and applied mathematics at the university of Witwatersrand. He later chose to do information systems at the same institution. He has a track record of changing courses at the university to sooth his interest.

His Career, contributions

Serge Belamant is the former Chief Executive Officer of the NET 1 UEPS Technologies Inc. he has diverse skills in computer science and online and offline transaction processing systems. He also has experience in biometrics and operations research. He has won several international awards because of his expertise in technology. He is the one responsible for designing Saswitch ATM network in South Africa. Saswitch ATM has currently rated the biggest ATM switching system globally.

Serge Belmont’s biggest achievement is his invention of the first Block Chain Debit card used in business transactions today. He invented Blockchain debit card that has revolutionized banking industry today. This, he did through UEPS company. Blockchain uses cryptography in creating a digital transactions record. Here, money transactions are protected through their code. The system has helped in deterring theft in banks, reducing banking fees, lowering taxes and saving time in transactions.

To sum it up, Serge Belamant has contributed hugely in innovation and technology used in business transactions. he has helped NET 1 UEPS grow to new heights of success. Thanks to his competence and experience in technology.

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Jingdong to receive SEAL AWARD

China’s largest online internet service provider Jingdong is among the top countries that will be winning a top global award that deals with sustainability. The company will receive the 018 SEAL award that recognizes businesses that operate with efficiency as well as making sure they use sustainability practices to run their operations. The award has been presented to other companies in the world that have reached similar goals as well as methods that keep the world cleaner and junk free. This means that Jingdong is being recognized for its continued commitment to champion environmental causes as well as its contributions to society through innovation. was honored to know that it will be receiving the award since it has always been part of the company’s corporate social responsibility. The firm has in the past five years galvanized its operations, creating as well as developing programs that promote sustainable outcomes. It is through its processes that has restricted every part of its initiatives starting from the footprint of product creation to the packaging sale as well as delivery. They monitor all these stages with the hope that the company will impact the society together with the environment in a sustainable, definite as well as long-lasting duration.

In being awarded, joins the ranks of other renowned honorees such as Nike, Patagonia, Samsung as well as Apple. Their head of CSR Libo Ma released a statement stating how proud he was to receive the award adding that it was a testament to their multifaceted platform that has integrated sustainability measures that ensure environmental protection. Additionally, their systems also help them with poverty alleviation, education as well as social innovation. It is also among the missions in to continuously improve the society through empowering people and safeguarding the environment that they live in. Jingdong uses its technological advances to reach much of China’s population which make up most of its customers to make significant contributions that have positively impacted social innovation. Such contributions include disaster relief, education as well as poverty alleviation to the tune of over seven hundred million. The largest sum ever donated in China.

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How Jose Auriemo Neto Got His Posting On BOF

Jose Auriemo Neto is married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo and with her they are blessed with two children. During his free time he spends time with his family or at the goal club. He is the Chief Executive Officer at JHSF.

As a teenager, Jose Auriemo Neto was referred to as Zeco. At that tender age, he participated in International Youth Coexistence that took place in Japan and also moved to Europe for a while for horse riding classes with Nelson Pessoa Filho. These characters showed his independence, courage and the will to take the risk from a very young age. Zeco decided to undertake engineering at the age of 17 from the Faculty of Engineering in Sao Paulo. At the moment he also worked in JHSF at the parking administration section. Before he could finish his course, Zeco felt his course was not in engineering but he was more interested in the fashion business to be precise that of JHSF.

JHSF is out to expand and in this attempt, it absorbed Catarina Fashion Outlet in October 2014. The store is located 60 kilometres from Castello Branco Highway and 40minutes to the town of Sao Paulo. Catarina Fashion Outlet is to house high end brands, for example, be the only store where one can find Gucci in Latin America. It will also house other brands like New Balance, Puma, Diesel just but to mention a few. JHSF is expected to have an additional 29 stores with over 200 brands and 160 operations. Catarina F.O is expected to be the biggest outlet in the country.

The business of fashion released their new edition of BoF 500 this year and with it came a list of the most influential people who are in the fashion market. This year, Jose Auriemo Neto the chief executive officer of JHSF was among the people who were on the list. Jose Auriemo Neto is from, Brazil and has caused a big difference in Brazil’s fashion world. Not so long ago he launched Cidade Jardim a shopping mall that contains products from all over the world even the famous brands like Rene Caovilla, Pucci Valentino among many others. He is also a real estate developer and brought Jimmy Choo and Hermes to the country. He was also honored during a gala dinner in New York on 08/12/2018.

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Sheldon Lavin Reveals How He Managed To Build An Empire Within Four Decades

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, joined the food industry when he was a complete newbie. Lavin had just graduated with a degree in accounting and finance when he established his financial consultancy firm. Sheldon established his company to help small food companies to acquire financing for their expansion objectives. When he first ventured into the consultancy business, Sheldon was unsure of his abilities.

Fortunately, things happened in his favor and his first enterprise succeeded within a year. Sheldon’s first client was a small food processing company known as Otto & Sons Ltd. At that time, Otto & Sons were the sole suppliers of hamburgers to the McDonalds, and they needed capital to expand their operations. The two brothers who owned the Otto & Sons welcomed Sheldon aboard as one of the partners.

Succeeding as a newbie

During an interview with Inspirery, Sheldon noted that he had little experience when the sons of Otto approached him for the financing of their company. Fortunately, Sheldon relied on his knowledge and instincts. Eventually, the outcome worked in favor, and he gained the courage to offer his services to even bigger companies.

According to Sheldon Lavin, most of the small companies fail to realize huge profits because they lack the resources to scale-up their production capabilities and as a result, they don’t enjoy the economies of scale. Sheldon capitalized on building his companies into large corporations, thus reducing the operating costs and capitalizing on economies of scale.

Sheldon Lavin also notes that most of his success as an entrepreneur is as a result of good luck. But he also emphasizes that planning is equally important if you have to succeed in entrepreneurship. Without a proper plan, a business can easily fall into debts.

What makes Sheldon Successful?

Sheldon Lavin has undeniable abilities to plan and prepare for the future. Most of the business people cannot plan for tomorrow, and that is how they end up failing. For Sheldon, he developed the habit of making decisions for his future from an early age. He has used this idea to build his business empire.

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Fortress Investment Group: WSJ Owner of SoftBank Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Masayoshi Son, the founder and owner of SoftBank completed a purchase agreement to gain Fortress Investment Group in February 2017. According to Wall Street Journal, the alternative asset management firm sold the limited liability company for over $3 billion. SoftBank is a leading Japanese investment business with the mission of becoming the largest international company. Soon after the acquisition, Fortress’s stock prices increased by 29 percent. Stockholders who invested into the Fortress Class A Fund received $8.08 per share after the transaction closed, according to WSJ. Visit

Fortress Investment Group is continuing operations under the leadership of Randy Nardone, Pete Briger, and Wes Edens in New York City. It is running independently within SoftBank organization with Nardone and Edens serving as Co-CEO. The goal of SoftBank is to double Fortress’s assets in the next three years. They are marketing its assets to the sovereign funds network and international net worth investors. Masayoshi Son told WSJ he plans to sell a part of the unit operation comprising the general partnership.

Son said his goal is to place the company and its investors at the head of emerging technologies including AI (artificial intelligence) and the Internet of Things. Fortress is on the New York Stock Exchange and manages approximately $70 billion in assets, real estate, private equity, and credit. Son said the acquisition alone with the substantial investment fund will hopefully speed up transforming his company into one of the largest investment firms worldwide.

Nardone and Edens co-found Fortress Investment Group in 1998 providing services to high net-worth individuals in the United States and global countries. Fortress is the first hedge fund managing company to sell shares to the public in America. The management firm offers investment solutions for buyouts, corporation restructuring, and turnarounds in the finance, real estate, energy, transportation, telecommunications, and healthcare industries. Fortress’s management team invests in undervalued and financially troubled assets, and capital, real estate, and intellectual property assets. The company also has interests in medical facilities, senior living, power generation equipment, and gaming investing transactions in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.



Freedom Checks Reasons People need to Invest In It

Getting regular income from the subsidiary source is what everyone wants, but most of the people are unaware of how to achieve it. Taking the advice of the renowned financial experts such as Matt Badiali would help you achieve it with ease. Recently, he published an investment strategy where he says that people can get regular income from their smart investments in the master limited partnership companies. Getting Freedom Checks would become easier if you are able to invest in the MLP companies that are growth oriented and making huge profits. You can stand to gain profits from Freedom Checks by investing in these companies.

Matt Badiali uses his years of experience to gather information about the financial world and the various investment products in the market. It is what has helped him know about the master limited partnership firms that are profitable and investing in that would help the customers get good returns. If you are looking for a reliable source of income from an investment source, following the investment tips of Matt Badiali would prove to be life-changing. There are many people who have been following the tips and tricks mentioned by Matt Badiali in his newsletters and have gotten good results on a consistent basis. It is what has made Matt Badiali one of the leading financial analysts in the world today. He offers practical and reliable advice to people looking to grow their wealth. He is looked up to by young investors and even his colleagues.

He currently works for Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor because he wanted to use his experience and knowledge to help the masses achieve their investment and financial goals. He was tired of working for the top one percent of wealthy people and companies and wanted to help main street Americans invest smartly, and it is what he is trying to do by associating himself with Banyan Hill Publishing. He talked about Freedom Checks in one of his articles to help clear any doubts that people have about it. People need to understand that Freedom Checks are legit investment opportunities that should not be missed by anyone.

Dick DeVos Still Working To Help The Less Fortunate

In 1991, billionaire Dick DeVos boycotted plans to build a multi-purpose arena in downtown Grand Rapids. It didn’t take much for him to garner support, and the plans were scrapped.


DeVos was a rising star in Michigan. He was on the cusp of becoming the CEO of Amway, his father’s successful multi-billion dollar corporation. In DeVos’s estimation, the multipurpose arena was not the type of attention needed for the area. He and other business leaders felt that lining the skyline with DeVos properties would be a better use of time and money.


DeVos succeeded in getting his way. Instead of sports arenas, the area welcomed Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids City Market, Michigan State Medical school, and The DeVos Place Convention Center.


DeVos is also the husband of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Both come from super-wealthy conservative families who wield a great deal of power within the state. The pair have spent a great deal of money and time attempting to influence laws regarding labor and education.


Education is very important to DeVos. He is a huge charter school advocate. “I firmly believe that all children should have the benefit of a good education, regardless of race or socioeconomic level.”


DeVos’s very own West Michigan Aviation Charter School was built in 2010. The tuition-free school emphasizes aviation and engineering. The school currently has 600 students.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has spend millions of dollars to fund the charter school. The school offers a number of scholarships, and public lotteries are held every year if applications exceed admission levels.


After serving as CEO of Amway, he took over as CEO of the family-owned Orlando Magic basketball team. In 2004, he started his own company the Windcrest Group.


In 2006, DeVos decided to delve into the political arena. He ran on the Republican ticket to unseat incumbent Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Although he put up a tough fight, he lost by 9 percentage points. Although the outcome was not what DeVos predicted, he says he is proud of what he accomplished.


DeVos says he still has much more work to do to help his state become the example that all other states follow.


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A Comprehensive Look At Wes Eden’s Remarkable Journey To Success

Wes Edens is a well-known American businessman born in 1961 and currently resides in New York. He owes his rich educational background from Capital High School in Montana and later joined Oregon State University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance. Edens’ commenced his career journey at Lehman Brothers in 1987 where he stood as managing director and partner for six years.

In the search for more challenges, Wes Edens moved to BlackRock Asset Investor where he earned the position of a managing director until 1997. He gained immense knowledge, skill, and experience in finance industry during his years in the mentioned companies. At around 1998, Edens stumbled on an opportunity with two other partners; Robert Kauffman and Randal Nardone who came together and formed Fortress Investment Group. Wes Eden’s primary role in the company was to lead the Private Equity Division which was Fortress Investment Group’s core business when it was launched. His department mainly focuses on investments in real estate business, health care, infrastructure, transportation, and financial services.

Today, Wes Edens acts as founder, co-principal, and co-chairman of the Board of directors of the Fortress Investment Group and has continued to participate in the growing and development of the company actively. Apart from being a leader in finance industry, Edens has taken more responsibilities in the sports industry since 2014. He earned the title “Professional Sports Owner” when he purchased the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks for a staggering $550 million. He also owns the FlyQuest per taking roles in eSports as well as competing in the North American League of Legends Championship series.

Wes Edens was on the frontline in overseeing the sale of Fortress Investment Group to Softbank Group Corporation a company based in Japan which turned out to be a success. With a self-made fortune over the years in the finance industry, the Fortress Group co-founder was acknowledged by Forbes in 2007 and ranked 297 with an impressive net worth of $3.5 billion to his name. His success can be derived from his expertise and intelligence in making outstanding investment decisions throughout his career journey.

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Guilherme Paulus Uses His Entrepreneurial Experience To Help Others

When Guilherme Paulus started his hotel business, he knew he could do things that would help other people. He also knew the industry needed someone like him to make a difference. Since he spent so much time coming up with new opportunities, he felt good about the right way he did things. He also felt there were positive experiences that would allow him to reach more people than ever before. He based all hotel options he had on the experiences he used in the past. He also knew what would happen if he had the chance to give more people right experiences.

As long as Guilherme Paulus knew what people needed in the hotels, he could keep providing them with the right experience. He felt people wanted hotels that were accessible but also had a lot of luxury options. It made sense for him to keep showing people they could try different things while visiting his hotel. It also made him want to work to make the hotel even better than it was in the past. Even though he felt comfortable giving people positive experiences, he felt he could do more than that.

The hotel was a huge success and Guilherme Paulus knew he could do even more for the travel industry. He pushed to make sure his travel tour company was as successful as his current company. He wanted the hotel company and the travel company to come together to be the best they could be. He also wanted things to be easier for people traveling to Brazil to have all the options they needed with the hotel as well as tours of Brazil. There were times when he made sure he made all the right choices for the company so he could show people they had someone looking out for them with travel options.

Now that the tour company is growing in popularity, more people can see positive options they have with it. Guilherme Paulus knows the company is the best it can be and he also likes seeing what he can do to make things easier for people who use the company. As long as he has a chance to keep helping others, he can give them what they need through tours of Brazil. It makes sense for Paulus to create positive tourism opportunities since he’s such a huge part of the travel industry in Brazil.

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Great Products to Purchase at any OSI Group Store Great Products to Purchase at any OSI Group Store

It is never easy to rank among the best and leading companies in the world. There are many companies in America competing for the available clients and for the top spot in the 100 top companies list. Among these companies, OSI Group stands out in the food business category. OSI is a leading global food provider and also a multibillion-dollar food company that been serving millions of clients worldwide. Visit

Any client who has ever sought the services of OSI Group can attest that the company deserves a spot in the top 100 companies in America. Besides the many reasons that make OSI Foods stand out, the company has been servicing the market for many years. It has also expanded over the years and opened more than 65 facilities where it has employed more than 20,000 workers.

OSI Group is also widely known as OSI Food Solutions is accredited for its stability and responsiveness to the needs of its widespread clientele base. OSI has over the years been supplying its customers without failures or delays quality fruits, vegetables, meat, and other proteins. All the foods supplied by the company are processed in its facilities in accord with the specifications of the clients in need of the products. Upon request, the company has always taken the initiative of delivering orders within stipulated deadlines.

OSI is also widely acknowledged for its wide range of products. OSI stands out when it comes to bacon processing and its customers are well-versed with its pre-cooked chips, strips, and bits. When it comes to poultry processing, OSI has been offering battered and branded nuggets, patties, chicken, and turkey products. Pork lovers have also been enjoying sausage links, ribettes, roasted pork as well as sausage patties.

Customers can also order raw and formed beef products, meatballs, meatloaf, Salisbury steak and burgers from OSI Food Solutions. The other range of food products you can enjoy at OSI Industries are fried foods that are quite nutritious. They include tofu, fritters, taquitos, fried steak and chicken. OSI also has a good reputation when it comes to processing of its produce. You can order lettuce, cucumbers, fruits and corn among other produce from OSI Group and enjoy a healthy diet.