Dr. David Samadi Says Choose Surgery Over Radiation

Based on scientific data, nearly 12 percent of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the future. And when it comes to successfully treating the disease, Dr. David Samadi has a 90 percent success rate. For one, robotic surgery has brought significant progress, and Dr. Samadi is highly experienced in nerve sparing robotic prostatectomies.

Robotic Prostatectomy

The system itself consists of a console, where the surgeon sits, and the robot which has four arms. Through a small incision on the belly, the robotic instruments are brought into the body where Dr. Samadi guides the robot. On the screen the doctor can see a magnified three-dimensional image of the area. In the past decade, Dr. Samadi has performed more than 7000 of these surgeries.Dr. Samadi is Chief of Robotic Surgery at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, and he affirms that men undergoing prostate surgery have a better prognosis. In fact, studies show that men who underwent a surgical prostatectomy had lower mortality rates than those who chose other treatment methods. Additionally, studies confirm that just three months after the procedure, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction – the most common problems with prostate cancer, have significant function. And the proportion will increase significantly in the following months.

Worldwide, more than one million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Most choose to remove the tumor surgically, and patients even travel internationally to have Dr. David Samadi perform the surgery. In robotic-assisted surgery, patients lost less blood, stayed in the hospital for 1.7 days shorter, had less pain after one week and a better quality of life after six weeks.Dr. David Samadi is an award-winning, board-certified urologic oncologist. In addition to being an expert on laparoscopic radical prostatectomies, he’s been medical correspondent on FoxNews for the past seven years, and a broadcaster on his own half-hour program, Sunday Housecall, which airs Sundays at 12:30pm.Dr. Samadi joined Lenox Hill Hospital in 2013, developing a leading Urology program, and lending his expertise to international cancer causes.From 2008 to 2013, Dr. Samadi was honored with the Patient’s Choice Award. Those same years, he has also won American’s Top Doctor and American’s Best Doctor awards. In 2012 and 2013, he was named New York Metro Area’s Top Doctors.Dr. David Samadi received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Stony Brook University, New York.

Louis Chênevert Speak About the Mindset That Helped Him Lead United Technologies to the Forefront of Its Industry:

Louis R. Chênevert is a Canadian entrepreneur who had an extremely successful tenure as the CEO and Chairman of the Board at United Technologies Corporation. UTC builds the most advanced commercial and military jet engines in the world as well as being the world leader in the manufacture of elevators through their company Otis Elevator.

Louis holds a business administration degree from HEC Montreal as well as a pair of doctorate honoris causa awarded to him from HEC and Concordia University respectively. His long career in the business world has included time with General Motors and Pratt & Whitney Canada. He is known as a revolutionary thinker who truly understands the dynamics of the business world. During his tenure with United Technologies, the company not only survived in an ultra-competitive business market full of foreign competition and heavy regulations but has thrived and reached new heights of success.

Louis looked back on some of these accomplishments at United Technologies in a recent interview and gave his thoughts on what makes for successful entrepreneurship. He stressed that business is, firstly and foremostly, about understanding the customer’s needs and being able to delight them with your ability to meet those needs. Following this mantra and combining that with a true passion for innovating the most revolutionary products is what he believes made UTC so successful during his tenure at the top.

Major innovations in the areas of airplane and helicopter engine and body construction, the acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace and obtaining the rights to the next generation of Gulfstream G500 and G600 are seen by Louis as the major accomplishments realized by the company during his time as CEO and Chairman. His advice for entrepreneurs looking to obtain high levels of success revolves around being passionate and optimistic. Perhaps even more important, you must have the right team working for you. While Louis was at United Technologies he always focussed on operations and engineering talent and made sure that his people knew that they were appreciated. He believes that with this kind of ethic, combined with passion and optimism, you can overcome any of the obstacles that the business world throws at you.


Life Lessons From Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad is a highly experienced doctor with more than 40 years practicing in the profession. Aged 72, Dr. Saad specializes in pediatric and thoracic surgery. He is currently located at Eatontown in New Jersey.


Dr. Saad received his medical degree at Cairo University School of Medicine where he graduated in the year 1971. He served his residency as a general surgeon from UMDNJ University Hospital in the year 1977 and Medical University of SC in 1979. Dr. Saad has dealt with numerous surgery cases has received awards as a sign of the exemplary work he is able to perform. In 2014, he was awarded Patients’ Choice Award which is an award offered to physicians that have been able to satisfy their patients by offering quality support services. Dr. Saad also received Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award in the same year which is an award offered to physicians that demonstrated excellent bedside manner as they treat their patients.


The awards due to Dr. Saad are well awarded due to some of the patient reviews he has gotten over the years until the present. Most of his patients have been able to praise him for the excellent work he carried out while treating and operating them with a few exceptions where some slight misunderstanding may have cropped up.


Dr. Saad has also board certifications. The board certifications are for general surgery and pediatric surgery both from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.




Key Life Lessons from Dr. Saad


After 47 years of practicing, Dr. Saad was able to retire, and left behind a legacy and valuable life lessons that one can borrow a leaf. The most important life lesson from Dr. Saad is learning to maintain resilience in pursuing one’s dreams and goals. Born a Palestinian in Israel at a time when there were many conflicts, Dr. Saad found himself having to relocate to a new conflict free zone at a very tender age together with his family. This environment assisted in building Dr. Saad into the man that he is currently by culturing endurance and flexibility at a young age.


Dr. Saad used this fortitude that was slowly being built in him to pursue high levels of education even though his background was not entirely in favor of this decision. His single focus and great belief that he could be anybody in the world strengthened his drive to pursuing his goals.


Dr. Saad’s main motivation to pursue becoming a surgeon came strongly to him when he suffered a heat stroke as a result of very hot conditions. His solace then became an operating room that was constantly air conditioned; hence his interest in becoming a surgeon grew more. Eventually, he has become a recognizable surgeon. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/

Ricardo Tosto: Experienced Legal Representation In Brazil

Are you looking for quality representation in Brazil? If you are looking for a competent lawyer in Brazil, you need to check out Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. It is extremely important to hire good lawyer for business or corporate legal matter. Ricardo Tosto is a top attorney and has been rendering services for many years.

Legal matters are one reason companies often have a hard time succeeding. Because of this, a business litigation lawyer is an invaluable asset in helping a business or company run smoothly.

When you find yourself facing a business legal issue you need to hire the best lawyer you can afford. Mr Ricardo Tosto provides high quality advice and guidance to business and corporate clients.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a leading business and corporate litigation attorney and he runs a prominent law firm in Brazil. As an experienced and reputable lawyer, Ricardo Tosto handles a wide variety of business legal matters, no matter how tough or simple the case may be, and his Website.

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If you’re searching for the right lawyer for your corporate or business legal issue, Ricardo Tosto is your clear choice. Ricardo Tosto has extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations affecting businesses. If you encounter any type of business legal problem, a good corporate or business lawyer like Ricardo Tosto can deliver the effective solutions for your situation, and what Ricardo Tosto knows.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is passionate about helping clients and he works closely with them to address the issue effectively. He has an established history of obtaining great outcomes for clients and his service will help improve your chances of getting a favorable outcome in your case.

By retaining a corporate or business litigation lawyer like Ricardo Tosto, you will avoid impending legal problems and realize many benefits of having an experienced and knowledgeable business lawyer on your side, and more information click here.

Jason Hope supporting SENS Research Foundation in anti-aging research

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is known for his dedication to technological innovations. He follows closely technological innovations that are coming up lately and advises his followers on what to expect. Hope has a unique ability to tell which technological trend will be the next. Business people follow his analysis closely since they know him for giving accurate predictions on the development of technology. He is known for commentating about the Internet of Things which is a technology for the future. Jason Hope says that this will be the greatest technology development ever. It will be supported by the ability of electronic devices to connect to the internet and therefore can communicate with each other.

Another area that Jason Hope is concerned about is biotechnology. Biotechnology innovations are proving useful especially in finding human cure diseases. One application of biotechnology solutions is in developing anti-aging drugs. For a long time, humanity has applied a reactive approach to human needs as opposed to proactive. A solution to disease is only looked into after the disease has already affected people. As a people, we are concerned more with curative medicine as opposed to preventive medication. There are many age-related diseases which can be prevented if proper research work is applied. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and diabetes among others can be prevented.

Jason Hope being a technology expert realize the important role that biotechnology rejuvenation efforts would have in combating age-related diseases. He has dedicated his time and money in advocating for research in the field of biotechnology rejuvenations. His efforts in seeking for a solution to aging diseases are mainly focused on a nonprofit organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This is an organization that is developing a drug that will slow down the aging process in human beings.

SENS Research Foundation was formed in 2009 to come up with an AGE-Breaker drug specifically. This is a drug that would inhibit the production of aging causing substance in the human body. Jason Hope supported this group with a donation of $500,000. The group has used this money to set up a laboratory in Cambridge, England.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope holds a Masters in Business Administration from W.P. Carey School of Business. He is a mentor in Scottsdale. He normally goes around the schools in the area mentoring young people on the importance of taking up technology. He is also a philanthropist who is supporting the education of brilliant but children from poor backgrounds.

Jason Hope info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Desiree Perez Helps Jay-Z Empire Thrive

Desiree Perez has proven herself to be a very interesting person when it comes to making power moves in the music industry. She really has set the stage for the way that people look at business women in music. She has been working with Jay-Z extensively behind the scenes to create a plethora of different changes when it comes to music streaming, artist development and business deals for celebrity entertainers.

Desiree Perez has really been able to take alot in stride as she pushes forward to connect with a whole new wave of millennials that are riding the music streaming wave. Jay-Z decided that he needed to get into this business because he knew that the concept of the compact disc was over. Digital streaming has become the way of the world, and Desiree Perez has helped him focus on his goal. He has been able to really make a big difference when it comes to the way that people are acquiring exclusive music.

The fact that he has put so much time into giving people access to exclusive content has allowed the Tidal music streaming service to grow. Desiree Perez has been there right along the way with him, and she has made it possible for this company to excel. Billboard has recognized her efforts in the music streaming world and business in general. She has over the Jay-Z Empire, and she has continued to show herself to be worthy of these roles that she has taken on. She has never failed to come through when it comes to negotiating contracts, and that has become her strength for the circle of influence that Jay-Z has in his business life. Perez is the one that is entrusted with his Roc Nation company that was started with Dame Dash years ago.

Desiree Perez Info: www.instagram.com/des.perez/

Ricardo Tosto: Brilliant commercial lawyer

To excel in the legal profession is no joke. One must apply efforts and dedicate time to studies. The legal profession is one of the best rewarding professions worldwide. Law is associated with the brilliant people on the society. Depending on the nature of work a lawyer does, brilliance is a mandatory. Many young people in world consider this as one of their dream jobs.

For anyone who is pursuing law working hard is mandatory. It is not a career for the lazy. Anyone who is joining this industry must be ready to work hard and achieve the best that there is.

Brazil is a country where the legal profession doing very well. It is commonly accepted course. To prove this point, Brazil has over 1200 law schools, the best there is in the world. The number of lawyers in the country is also very high. Only India and United States are above Brazil in the number of lawyers.

Due to the high number of lawyers in the country, it has become necessary for a body to be put in place to deal with shortcomings which might affect the legal industry. The Brazilian Bar Association is the body that vets everyone who wants to be a lawyer in the country. To be practicing lawyer, a law degree is not enough. You will need to go to law school and pass the bar examination. From then you can represent clients as well as teaching law in the universities.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is today is a commercial lawyer in Brazil. He has been practicing law for the last two decades. He has a degree from Mackenzie University. He a founding member of the best law firm in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto does is prominent in the country because he gives his all when assisting his clients.

Whenever he takes up a case, he drops it after a fair judgment. He takes his work seriously and does not mess up for even a minute. RicardoTosto believes that the welfare of his clients should come first. Ricardo Tosto is respected by his colleagues and his law firm is one of the best that interns go to for training.

Learn More: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc0MFA_hkFc

The development of the OSI Group

In the year 1909, the OSI Group was established in Chicago, United States of America but it later moved, and currently its main offices are found in Illinois. The current President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the OSI Group is Mr. David McDonald while the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Sheldon Lavin. David has intensive knowledge in the field of livestock as he got a degree in Animal Science from Lowa State University.

David has spent a long time in the business. It is because he holds an influential position in the firm. This has improved the company standards since it has been leading in the industry as the company with the best quality products. David as the President of the OSI Group interacts with people in social media and advertises the offers the company. Over the years, the company has been upgrading products to satisfy all the requirements and demands of the clients. The products of the company are processed in its plants which are under the name OSI Industries, LLC. In the plants, it processes food for both retailers and wholesalers. The plants are in the United States in various regions such as Chicago and California.

The company has specialized in the processing of food particularly meat and distributes the products to different food-based industries across the globe. Over the years, the company has developed, and by 2016 it had twenty thousand employees who have promoted the growth of the economy. The company has stabilized its products in the market because it has distributors in several continents around the world which include Asia and North America. The major products of the OSI Group include meat products and dough products. From July 2014, the company has managed to supply meat to food chains found in China which have been sponsored by the Americans such as Subway.

The OSI Group’s facilities have high standards of hygiene and good customer service which have prompted them to be honored with awards for a consistent couple of years. The company has equipped the plants with necessary safety equipment to avoid accidents and reduce the loss of lives.

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