Mitt Romney’s Health Prognosis

There are great changes afoot in the political world today, as many veterans of congress are stepping down rather than running in the upcoming mid-term elections in November. The big news right now is that Orrin Hatch, the republican veteran senator from Utah, is giving up his seat, and that is leaving an opening for Mitt Romney to return to political life. Romney’s high profile as a former governor and presidential candidate means that he will now be closely watched as he launches his senatorial bid. Given that Romney recently underwent surgery for prostate cancer, his health will now be more closely watched as well.

A New Focus On Health

Dr. David Samudi serves as the acting Chair of Urology as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Dr. Samudi recently spoke to The Huffington Post about Mitt Romney’s current health situation, given that he recently underwent prostate surgery.

According to the doctor’s analysis of the surgery as it has been reported, Governor Romney’s health prognosis is very good. The surgery reportedly went well, and the prostate cancer was localized in the area of the prostate gland. In these situations Dr. Samudi highly recommends that patients undergo surgery rather than have radiation. Surgery can be very effective at taking out all of the cancer in the area before it spreads to other organs, and the recovery rate is very good. Patients who undergo radiation as the first treatment for prostate cancer are shown to have a much lower rate of recovery and chance of survival if the cancer returns and spreads to other organs after the treatment. In Romney’s case, he was apparently fortunate in having the illness caught before it spread to other areas.

Dr. Samudi stresses that early detection is the key to a high survival rate with prostate cancer. He also stresses that anyone who is considering treatment should work closely with their urologist as they consider different ways of dealing with the illness. Anyone considering surgery should also talk to medical experts at length about the possible outcomes of surgery, and they should be sure to take a close look at their surgeon’s record before committing to treatment. Dr. Samudi also notes that two other notable political figures, Colin Powell and John Kerry, both underwent prostate surgery and had very successful outcomes.

Find Superb Mental Health Care at TMS Health Solutions

TMS Health Solutions offers an effective non-invasive treatment for depression. It does not involve the use of medication, and it is designed to alleviate the symptoms of this mental disorder. This treatment is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), and it has been used on a large number of patients.

With TMS, a device that effects a patient’s emotions and the way they act is used. Magnetic pulse helps treat the depression. Since medication for depression doesn’t always work, TMS is often considered.

According to many patients who have had TMS THERAPY, the procedure helped them tremendously. Some people claim they were better able to enjoy life after the therapy. Others said they experienced better sleep, and they were filled with happiness.

Just about every doctor at TMS Health Solutions is a Board Certified psychiatrist. Dr. Joshua Kuluva is also a neurologist. Dr. Richard Bermudes, Dr. Oana Galicki, Dr. Kevin Rosi, Dr. Carolina Bonilla, Dr. Syed Bukhari, Dr. Abel Bumgarner, Dr. Noah DeGaetano, Dr. Amy Ellis, Dr. Jack Gillean, Dr. Richard Lipon, Dr. Ramotse Saunders, Dr. Robert Trimmer, Dr. George Tun, Dr. Ryan Vidrine, Dr. Natasha Wallace, and Dr. Saydra Wilson are Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. All of the team members work hard to satisfy their patients by giving them the finest care.

Almost half of the people who try taking medication for depression get no results. While medication produces side effects, TMS produces none. Whereas drugs for depression circulate the body through the blood, TMS doesn’t. Although there are some temporary side effects associated with TMS THERAPY, very few people stop the therapy because of these side effects.

The number of treatments needed depends on the individual. Therapy for 28 to 56 days is to be expected, but how the patient responds can change the length of time TMS treatment will be needed. Each session lasts approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

After speaking with your doctor to find out if you are a candidate for TMS, contact TMS Health Solutions if he tells you are. Major Depressive Disorder can ruin your life if you don’t do something to stop it. Be aware of symptoms that include feelings of inferiority, fear, restlessness, lack of focus, and a loss of will to live. If you experience any of these symptoms, call us at 844 867-8444 to set up an appointment. TMS Health Solutions treats other mental disorders, too.



Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that is located in Sussex, UK. The organization opened their doors 25 years ago. Today, Sussex Healthcare is an award winning organization that is well known for providing high level care to seniors and young adults with disabilities in the care homes that they manage.

The good news is that Sussex Healthcare is now hiring new people to join their organization. The even better news is that Sussex Healthcare offers job hunters a wide range of career opportunities in the healthcare field. Many of the job opportunities are entry level and Sussex Healthcare provides in house training for those jobs.

Why Consider A Healthcare Career With Sussex Healthcare?
Why should you consider a healthcare career? Here is the deal. A healthcare career is recession proof. The economy might nose dive, but people are still required to work in the healthcare industry. Certainly, this is very true for services that primarily take care of the elderly. Sussex Healthcare provides important healthcare services primarily to the elderly. The organization also provides Dementia Care, Neurology Care, Physical Disability and Learning Disability Care. Sussex Healthcare and new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, regularly recruit new people to provide quality care to the people in their care. Join their team and you are on your way to a great career.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home

Working For Sussex Healthcare
Begin your quest to work for Sussex Healthcare now. Get started by visiting their job search website. Sign up for email alerts and you will be one of the first to receive notices about the new job openings. The job site provides a list of the newest job openings too, along with more detailed information about the job opening. Sussex Healthcare works diligently to hire the best people. Clearly, they attract new people because of the outstanding benefits that are provided to their staff. Benefits range from providing in house training to pensions, uniforms, and free transportation.

Current Job Openings At Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare lists new job opportunities on their job site on a regular basis. Stop by their website daily for more information. Here are several of the current openings.

Care Assistant – Provides Residential Care To Those With Learning Disabilities

Team Leader – Care For Younger Adults With Health Issues

Drivers – Transport Service Users

Deputy Care Home Manager – Coordinate Management Activities

Senior Care Assistant – Work With Dementia And Alzheimer Patients

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Planning to Expand Bumble Dating App Worldwide Soon

One of the names that are often heard in the world of dating these days is Whitney Wolfe Herd. She has served as the co-founder of Tinder, which speaks a lot about the experience she has in developing dating applications and the technology relevant to it. After Whitney Wolfe Herd called it quit at Tinder in 2014, she went on to pursue her career independently, and it is what led to the development of the Bumble dating app. Whitney Wolfe Herd founded Bumble in 2015, and since then the app has been growing at a rapid pace. It has been able to gain close to 12 million members, and the number continues to increase at a fast pace.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has always had a vision when it comes to building a dating app, and she has used all her creativity in ensuring that Bumble dating app offers something new and unique to the users. One of the best parts about Bumble, which is appreciated by millions of its members, is that it permits only women to send a message to men first. Once the women have sent the message to men, the male members can post a response, but not before that. It is a well-known fact that women are faced with encounters on dating apps and sites that are nothing short of insult, bullying, or abuse. To filter out such experiences, Whitney Wolfe Herd introduced this feature that would not allow men to send messages until women wish to contact the male members first.

Whitney Wolfe Herd knew from the very beginning that this feature of allowing women to contact first would always be met with criticism, but she wasn’t scared of taking her chances. It worked well for her, and Bumble is now amongst the top five dating apps in the market currently, and is soon going to move up the ranks as per the rate in which it is attracting new members. It is presently active in 10 countries and is under planning to be launched in many other countries soon. The Forbes has estimated that Bumble is worth over a billion dollars. Whitney Wolfe Herd is already getting acquisition offers from other giants in the dating world, including $450 million offer from recently. However, she is no mood to give up on her brainchild anytime soon and has many new plans for its expansion in the pipeline.

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Freedom And Creativity With Market America

Even though many people have a lot of respect and admiration for entrepreneurs, they do not know how to get started on a path towards being one of them. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed. There are so many programs and partnerships that people can get started on. One such partnership can be started with Market America. As a matter of fact, Market America is one of the better partnerships to have. The unfranchise does not assume that everyone joining knows something about marketing or has some kind of following. They have all of the information laid out for newcomers.

For people that are seeking freedom, they get to have it with the Market America unfranchise program. They can work as long as they want at anytime during their day. The only thing is that they need the skills needed for making money. Among the skills people need in order to make money and support themselves with Market America is marketing and networking. In other words, people have to reach out and connect to different people. This is especially important with the current algorithms of the internet search engines. They make it much harder for people to rank highly enough to sell products with their own content.

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur and working for passive income is that it helps people build the popularity they need in order to sell items. For people that want to be admired, this can be a very good opportunity. They also have a lot of choices on how they want to generate revenue. They can generate revenue through running a store or by focusing on one item and engaging in communities that are focused on many of the topics related to the item that they are trying to sell.

Clay Hutson’s Perfect Production Solution

Clay Hutson is a production manager and a sound engineer. His other services include production design, rigging, logistics management, stage management, and show production. He also manages both the music and events themselves. In 2017, he was involved in the rigging of eight of Kinsey Elevation +1 systems during the OneRepublic Honda Civic Tour in 2017. The idea was to be able to move the trusses at 70,000 pounds of lighting, audio and LED panels and to improve timecode cues for everyone’s safety.


Hutson has also been a longtime user of DiGiCo consoles and got very excited when they released their first SD11 in 2011. He made sure to get his hands on one for the tour with Staind Frontman and Founder, Aaron Lewis. Staind had just released their album, Town Line and had numerous sold-out gigs in casinos, arenas, festivals, honky-tonks and churches. Hutson has monitored about every last model of DiGiCo over the years including the D5 at a Marilyn Manson concert in 2001, the SD7 at a Maxwell tour in 2010 and the SD8 on numerous one-time gigs. He stated that since Manson’s often quite volatile, using the new console was a risk but it turned out very well and he’s been a fan of DiGiCo ever since.


With the SD11, Hutson wanted to carry it all on his own, however, budget constraints limited those options. Also, due to the varying modes of travel, he needed something that could easily be carried on both tour buses and planes. The SD11 being only 19 inches did the trick. Hutson stated that control and consistency is often very hard because various regional sound companies have various models of consoles. He said that the SD11 was perfect for working to reconfigure channels, the various input and output sets. He also stated that working with casinos can be particularly difficult because they have to cater to the current theme of the house. That DiGiCo is also perfect for tailoring to that without any compromises.


Show business is a very competitive business and that doesn’t apply to just the frontman’s performance. It also applies to the theatrics around the central person such as the lighting being at the perfect level and the sound being at the perfect volume. People also really dislike fuzzy images on their television, computer, or smartphone screens. Hutson says that, as a result, it’s just as important for those who work backstage to have the right tools and knowledge to do what they do as perfectly as they can.  Learn more:


Fabletics is Making Their Customers Happy

Fabletics has become successful by getting to know its customers and by taking its time in scaling their company. Instead of the pop-up method, Fabletics has utilized a Lifestyle Quiz to find out more about its newest members. This has helped Fabletics to provide the very best and most personalized service to its customers. The Lifestyle Quiz that members take tells Fabletics what it is that the consumer is really after so that they can provide just the right product.


Instead of being at a disadvantage thanks to “showrooming,” Fabletics has used a reverse showrooming technique to prevent shoppers from browsing and then inevitably buying elsewhere. Because of this, Fabletics has a member base that shop in-store with another 25 percent becoming members in-store. It doesn’t matter where their members shop, either in-store or online, their purchases all count towards their shopping cart. Wherever they shop, they are still getting the great service and personalized shopping experience that they want.


Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, is very much involved with her company and is in charge of deciding what stays on the market and what gets scratched. She knows exactly what the customer wants thanks to the Lifestyle Quiz that new members take and can adjust her athleisure line accordingly.


Even though Kate doesn’t have a traditional business degree, she knows what the customer wants. She is also a very active and involved owner of her company.


Fabletics has not gone unnoticed, and even celebrities have fallen in love with the brand. Fabletics is not just about great athleisure wear bit the brand is all about empowering women and making its members feel comfortable and sexy in what they wear.


Although Fabletics has had its fair share of hurdles, it has proven to be a very successful company that values its customers. They offer great workout wear for a price that will fit into every budget without skimping on any of the quality. Information has helped the company to grow and the data collected helps them provide their customers with exactly what they want.


Fabletics has even gotten a great rating form the Better business bureau and in just 18 months. Their partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group has also proven to be a smart move, and they have grown profusely because of it. Fabletics already has 22 retail stores and has big plans to expand over the upcoming years.

Craftmanship, Expertise & Ethics: Aloha Construction

In the world of home improvement, there are hundreds of general-contractors in the U.S. These professionals specialize in the restoration process of houses and buildings. When it comes to home renovation, the state of Illinois is home to one of the very best, and it’s known as Aloha Construction. This family-owned company has been in business since 2008, but it has completed well-over 18,000 jobs. This goes to show just how progressive and efficient the company has been in such a short period of time. Aloha Construction specializes in a wide array of projects such as soffit installation, window fascia repair, door installation, kitchen design, gutter repair, waterproofing, bathroom repair, chimney repair, roof cleaning, flashing, siding installation and numerous other services.

This company was founded by Dave Farbaky, and it has a long list of accomplishments. This would include being a member of the Building Trades Association, a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and a member of the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. On top of that, Aloha Construction is licensed, is bonded and provides a 10-year craftsmanship-warranty. This is designed to give you, the homeowner, total peace of mind. The company serves a large statistical-area. This includes the municipalities of:

• Peoria
• Pekin
• Lake Zurich
• Libertyville
• Vernon Hills
• Round Lake
• Lake Villa
• Round Lake Beach
• Grayslake
• And many others

Aloha Construction also provides special financing as it has partnered with Synchrony. Synchrony has been in business for more than 80 years, and it’s a leading financing company. Since most insurance policies doesn’t cover specific home- restorative projects, Aloha Construction and Synchrony has you covered. Every base has been covered here, but the next step is up to you.

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