Choosing a Fruit Blend from EOS

EOS is one of the leading lip balm manufacturers out there and has been able to build up a loyal following of customers despite being in business for only a decade. While EOS’ iconic sphere applicators often attract the attention of journalists and customers, it is what is inside these containers that is truly notable. More fascinating stories here on

EOS was started by individuals who were focused on creating quality lip balms for those who were concerned with the sourcing of the ingredients of their lip balms a EOS has focused on all-natural and organic ingredients in their products. The benefits of this ingredient sourcing is a lip balm that works better than those available from other manufacturers as well as lip balms that don’t taste artificial or fake. The lack of artificial ingredients really shows through in the taste of the lip balm.

EOS has a wide range of flavor options but some of the most unique are their fruit blend flavors. Pomegranate raspberry is my personal favorite of these blends as it combines into a unique flavor that is hard to describe. Both flavors stand out and blend into a truly delicious application that I found myself looking forward to applying.

Summer fruit was another EOS lip balm fruit blend that was unique and interesting. Summer fruit contains blueberry, strawberry, and peach flavors and was complex, fruity, and with some interesting flavor undertones. While each flavor was blended and didn’t stand out on their own, the application was smooth and luscious and was a welcome change from the other lip balms on the market, see for more info.

Blueberry acai was my least favorite, as I don’t care much for the acai flavor (though I love blueberry flavors). If you like the acai flavor this one is sure to impress with its freshness and interesting flavor.

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Highland Capital Co Founder James Dondero Talks Philosophy

Recently, the co founder and President of Highland Capital Management talked about his approach to investing and making deals for his firm. James Dondero has revealed his keys to success and overall approach to working in the finance industry.

Dondero says that one of the ways in which he makes profitable deals for his firm is to look for ones that have potential to increase in value in the near future. This allows the firm to invest in securities that will make a considerable sum of money. Along with looking for investment opportunities, James always looks over the benefits of various debt and credit based securities. When looking to make various deals for his firm, James will keep track of all of the latest trends in the securities industry so that he is aware of what potential deals are available.

In 1990 James Dondero collaborated with Mark Okada to found the firm Highland Capital Management. The firm was first a life insurance provider and emerged as one of the top firms in the industry. While Dondero was successful in founding a life insurance company, he looked to make his firm more versatile. In order to achieve this objective, James expanded the products and services of his firm to include things such as asset management and providing financial advisory services. Within the next several years, Dondero was successful in building Highland Capital into one of the most reputable and comprehensive financial services firms in the world.

James attended the University of Virginia and majored in accounting and finance. He graduated with degrees in these two fields and received high honors. Thus he was a very distinguished student during his college years. When he first worked in the finance industry, he held the position as a credit analyst which enabled him to begin evaluating the risks and profit potential of credit based securities. Dondero would move up to higher positions in his career which culminated in his appointment of chief investment officer. With this position, he would manage assets for large corporations on a regular basis. In his spare time, James participates in a number of philanthropic activities. Visit his official website :

Enjoy The Benefits Of A Cost Effective Beauty Care Aide With EOS Lip Balm Products

Are you perplexed with your current beauty care aide? You now have the opportunity to utilize EOS lip balm products for organic coverage that withstands the threat of extreme elements and sun rays. Unfortunately, the sun can have devastating effects on your skin in the summer and can cause them to crack and peel. Jojoba oil extracts and shea body butter give your lips the benefits of fast acting ingredients that have been used for centuries. Pamper your skin with an all natural formula that is guaranteed to give you soft lips on-the-spot. Join thousands of people in Germany that have labeled EOS products a cool new beauty care aide. Visit this page, for more details.

Germans will agree that Evolution of Smooth is a very popular EOS lip balm brand. Most people are engulfed in the wonderful flavors that include lemon drop, mint kisser, and 2-pack sorbet. Get delightful scents as well as superior protection. Amazing skin doesn’t have to cost you a fortune with EOS lip balm products fortifying your skin. Say goodbye to pricey cosmetic treatments and products with the benefits of a popular new organic care product with Evolution of Smooth. They also have shaving cream, hand, and body lotion that guarantees the same all-natural ingredients, why not find out more .

Germans can choose their favorite brand from a list of extensive list of products located on the beauty care aisle of most local retailers. Guests are welcome to visit the Evolution of Smooth website to order their selected brand and have it shipped conveniently to their door. You can rest assured you’ll win over your colleagues at your next board meeting, gain more confidence facing the public, and be the best in all of your selfies. Their unique spheres will give you a sheen for your sultry lips that stands next to none with EOS lip balm products.

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The Great Performance of Capital Group

Timothy Armour, also known as Tim, is a business person and the current Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and the Director of Capital Research and Management Company. Timothy Armour first started his career as a participant in Associates program at Capital in 1983. In 1994, Timothy was promoted to become the Senior Vice President of the American Funds, a subsidiary of Capital Group. Since then, he has worked for thirty-two years in Capital Group dealing with investments. Timothy Armour is currently the equity portfolio manager with his office located in Los Angeles, California.

Timothy Armour was a student in Middlebury College pursuing a degree in bachelor of economics. The knowledge he gained helped him at the beginning of his work when he worked as an analyst in equity investment. Timothy Armour managed to cover U.S. service companies and global telecommunications. After the former chairman Jim Rothenberg had passed on, the Board of Directors of Capital Group declared Timothy Armour the new president after the election on July 28, 2015. In the same year 2015, Timothy aired out his perspective on the market selloff. According to Timothy Armour’s perspective, China accounts approximately 15% of the gross domestic product of the world thus possessing a larger impact on the world’s economy and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

Furthermore, Timothy predicts a decrease in export activities by economies that have developed and had trade links with China. These economies include Hong Kong, Europe, Japan and Australia. To propel the global economy forward, Tim suggests an offset in the cons of the economy by lowering commodity prices, oil, interest rates and more information click here.

Capital Group is always at the peak of investment industries due to its excellent choice of management. Janet Yang provides the reasons for the success of Capital Group. In the Morningstar article, she says that Capital Group’s success is attributed to the multi-manager system owned to assess the various assets and employees in the firm.

Additionally, the firm is committed to listening to financial advisors and focusing on generating long-term results thus enhancing asset management. Janet Yang’s views Tim as a good choice for management. Janet also knows Tim as a trendsetter and a person who works towards improving the firm’s business bonds and learn more about Timothy.

Add New Flavors To Life With EOS Lip Balm Flavors

The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balms are one of a kind balms. With their trademark egg shaped balms, they’re organic and made of jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamins. It’s also paraben free ensuring that their products don’t have any potentially dangerous chemicals.

EOS has a variety of flavors so everyone can choose flavors to their liking. Their flavors range from Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint and Lemon Drop from their Smooth Spheres line. These balms each providing a smooth feel on the lips. While making lips feel smooth, their scent is one of a kind. See more info at

Lemon Drop EOS lip balm has SPF to protect lips from the damaging effects of the sun. Hit this link. While Sweet Mint will give a refreshing feeling to whoever wears it. Nothing is greater than having soft lips that don’t crack from dryness.

There are also flavors that are part of their Visibly Soft Lip balm line, such as Vanilla Mint and Blackberry Nectar. Each of these flavors has added mineral oils to make your lips even softer than the original Smooth Spheres line. Vanilla Mint will give the lips a mint blast while having a vanilla scent to it making it a delicacy on its own.

Then there’s the Shimmer Spheres line with flavors like Sheer Pink and Pearl. This line of flavors is unique in that while hydrating lips, these lip balms add a hint of shimmer. While having the moisturizing properties, it also brings a subtle amount of shine without being overpowering. Check them out at

With many flavors to offer, anyone can find their perfect lip balm flavor. Depending on the type of scents a person likes, they can find their match made in lip heaven by exploring the unique flavors EOS has to offer.

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CTRMA Designs Mobility Solutions

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority works towards the traffic and congestion issues plaguing the area. The agency is a local one that works to solve these issues that affect Travis and Williamson counties. They work towards mobility solutions to alleviate the issues facing this area.

Sometimes the solution is a toll road, sometimes it is more than a toll road. The goal of the CTRMA is to innovate and devise creative solutions to the more complex problems facing commuters. The new MoPac Express lanes will start variable tolling, where congestion with cost commuters more. This new toll system will hopefully detract commuters during the more congested times of the day.

Another cutting edge solution is the smart roads that are being built. These roads will allow cars to “talk” to the road’s infastructure. A good example is the road will be able to determine when a car is going the wrong way up a ramp. Two new apps that the CTRMA have worked on are a traffic app with Metropia and a carpooling app with Carmia. These two new apps with help drivers find alternate routes or even a buddy to ride with in the morning.

The CTRMA understands that one solution does not fit when trying to alleviate congestion in certain areas. They have worked to create and maintain shared use paths for bikers and pedestrians to help keep cars off the road. Another new program designed to prevent or help problems is the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO). These operators help to assist motorists with minor breakdowns and other problems before they become bigger issues.

The CTRMA is an public organization operating to help the traffic and mobility issues affecting the residents of Central Texas. While one solution will not fix it, they work to create and design plans that will help keep congestion down and the roadways clear for commuters.

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EOS has lots of Flavors for Everyone

There are a lot of different EOS flavors that you can choose from. You might not know what ones are going to be good for you or what ones you may like. You may have to choose from a few in order to find the one that is going to be best for you.


Berry Flavors

There are several berry flavors that give you a bit of sweet, but also because they smell good. They are created in the colors that the flavor is as well. This means that you may have a hint of color when you put them on your lips. The berry flavor will also last longer than some of the other brands of lip balm because it is EOS and is a better formula for your needs.


Mint Flavors

These mint flavors are made to help your lips feel minty and tingly instead of just giving your the flavor. When you put a mint EOS on your lips, you will notice that they taste fresh and help you to feel clean. The mint flavors are limited, but they are some of the best ones for your needs. If you aren’t sure about how you are going to choose the right mint flavor, then you might want to try a few. See for more details.

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There are a lot of other flavors that you can use as well as just these simple berry or mint flavors. You can try a few until you find the one that is going to work the best for you. There are others that give your lips softness and will also help them to feel better when they are chapped. The Shea butter can help your lips to get this increased softness and will help them to heal after they have been damaged or they were chapped.

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CTCA to Expand Its Services in Partnership

Now partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth, Cancer TReatment Centers of America, known as CTCA, is providing those with eye ailments some of the most forward affordable treatments ready for use in the market. Their services provide an opportunity for individuals to get their eyes treated by some of the top healthcare professionals attainable and cease worrying. With this service now available, CTCA continues to expand its range of coverage in order to focus on treating ailments that were previously not specialized by the company. CTCA continues to push and be a trendsetter within the industry, and their oncology services are yet another example.

According to WebMD, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are a group of hospitals that provide some of the most future driven cancer treatment on the planet. Their work has done wonders to progress in the field of medicine whilst also raising awareness for the needs of patients. Their attention towards focusing on what patients desire alongside what practitioners require they undergo has placed them in an extremely unique position to provide services that are not seen anywhere else. CTCA possesses one of the most rewarded staffs, called stakeholders, by the company and has continued to utilize each department to its fullest potential.

CTCA is conveniently located around the country with prominent locations existing in Chicago and Texas. It’s strong services allow CTCA to provide a premium quality treatment that has an extremely high success rate when it comes towards treating individuals with cancer. With many walk-in emergency rooms available, members of the public have been made able to get their ailments treated, thus making CTCA one of the go to locations for treating medical ailments that can get quite serious. Their focus on professionalism and service has elevated them to be one of the best services around. CTCA continues to have a focus on providing strong services.

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Cool Off with an Alaskan Eco-Conscious Vacation

For many tourists, the summer heat at many destinations can be oppressive. This is why Alaska is a popular destination among those looking to enjoy nature on their vacation. Modern tourism is also conscious of its aware on the environment and seeks to offer eco-friendly ways for guests to widen their knowledge of the Alaskan wilds.


Fishing remains a popular activity, as does floating in the crystal clear Kvichak River and Lake Iliamna. Environmentally friendly lodges have opened in recent years, such as the Alaskan Sportsman’s Lodge in conjunction with Wild Ark. Guests are encouraged in taking care of the rivers which hosts Alaska’s thriving salmon population. The lodge is also working with the local population to protect the Bristol Bay area from impact from Pebble Mine.


The lodge offers duplex cabins for guests, a wood burning sauna, and a comfortable living area with couches, a fireplace, rockers, and a reading and map room. Guests often mingle with others at the lodge while still enjoying the privacy of their own bathroom and beds.


Fly fishing is by far one of the most popular activities for tourist and natives alike. There is a variety of fish to seek, including Salmon, rainbow Trout, and Arctic Char. Conventional fishing is also available for some locales.


Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark offers a variety of vacation packages for individuals interested in conversation efforts and eco-friendly tourism. The entire team at Wilk Ark is mindful of the challenges faced by the wilds of the world and seeks to find exciting new ways to improve the condition of the wilderness.


Wild Ark offers travel destinations across an array of African locations (including Botswana, Kenya, and South Africa) as well as an Alaskan destination. Guests are educated on ways to minimize their impact across the course of their stay, which can range from 2-28 days. Focus for the trip can range from wildlife photography, sea turtle and ocean conservation, bird-watching and wilderness tracking. Guests are encouraged to contact the company through the Wild Ark website to begin the information gathering process.


Follow Wild Ark on Facebook for updates.

Kabbalah Centre Charitable Initiatives to Support Relief Causes

Kabbalah Centre is a faithful volunteer and financial supporter of non-profit organizations to help better the lives of people around the world. Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that teaches its students and members spiritual tools applicable to Kabbalistic principles. The Centre has established other non-profits, including Kabbalah Centre Charitable Causes, The Zohar Project, and Scholarship Fund. Kabbalah Centre also supports Spirituality for Kids, Kids Creating Peace, and Kabbalah Children’s Academy. These charitable organizations supports charitable causes to provide disaster relief, financial relief, scholarships, and promotion of Kabbalah wisdom.

Charitable Causes is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian relief to people experiencing poverty, inequality or affected by disasters. Prior efforts of the charitable organization include providing relief to victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and Haiti Earthquake.

Zohar Project receives its support from dedicated volunteers and financial contributors. Volunteers offer hours of their time to print and deliver Zohar to members, international organizations, and students. They also create new ideas to make Zohar accessible to all who seek wisdom based on Kabbalah principles.

Kabbalah Centre established a scholarship fund for new and existing students studying Kabbalah. The fund covers studies through Zohar audio books, textbooks, online courses and offline courses. The Centre has awarded over 6,000 scholarships to students internationally.

Kabbalah Centre and its volunteers provides support to non-profit, Spirituality for Kids. Parents and students are offered free online classes to bring awareness of spirituality in all human beings. Kids Creating Peace is an organization that provides spiritual educational programs and read full article.

Kabbalah Children’s Academy is an educational children institution teaching programs that encourages academic, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual growth. Students are taught the principles of kabbalah at an early age while studying math, science, fine arts, and other courses and Kabbalah’s lacrosse camp.

Kabbalah Center was founded nearly 95 years ago by Rav Yehuda Ashlag to teach students Kabbalah principles based on Zohar text and writings by KabbalistRavIssac Luria. The history of kabbalah practice is dated back to more than 4,000 years and continues to be practiced in the 21st Century. Locations have expanded globally over nine decades to Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Oceanic, and United States.