The Work and Life of Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage is a family and marriage psychotherapist. She graduated from the University of Southern California. She has an experience of 20 years in her career. Patty Rocklage is dedicated to assisting couples and families the deal with the different challenges they face. She resides in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

She is not only a Psychotherapist but also a teacher and coach who is involved in public speaking and team building. Patty Rocklage together with her husband Scott Rocklage had a hand in the development of Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT). They were able to provide funds to the rebuilding of nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab. Their effort t the project was placed in the department of Chemistry.

The people who toured them around were Moungi Bawandeni on the development of the lab and Lester Wolfe the professor of Chemistry. Patty Rocklage and Scott Rocklage are working towards the makeover of their house which is going on as expected. The Sudbury Companies and Ed Freedlender are known to be good in renovation, a fact that the Rocklages were not informed of. Sudbury Company is known for having good saves on time, energy and possession and Ed Freedlender is good in creating unique renovations that are affordable and.

The areas that Patty and her husband focused on are the kitchen and the front façade. Freedlender was able to tell them of the best ways to renovate the two areas. They luckily had a permit from the town conservation commission because it is a necessity and immediately started working on the construction. Ed started off his work and focused on the trees and the driveway because they are important and learn more about Patty Rocklage.

The two experts finally finished the makeover process which was a success thus pleasing Patty Rocklage and Scott Rocklage. Both the kitchen and the front façade appeared awesome and as expected. Ed Freedlender and the Sudbury Company were bothe recommended by Patty Rocklage for the good job that turned out to be a success. Patty is always ready and happy to assit various families and couples to get through their difficulties. She is a prosperous expert, humble and honest to all her clients and Patty of Twitter.

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Dong Levitt

Mr. Dong Levitt is an eccentric writer by choice. Motivated by his idea to explore the characters in the America Society often overlooked by the traditional media, he started the Greyhound Dairies project. The project consists of his bus travel experience, pictures, videos, and recorded interviews that took him 13 years to complete having traveled 120,000 miles across America on a Greyhound bus. “On the bus, you’re surrounded by poverty, addiction, and mental illness,” he says. “And my own mental health has been wrapped up in this journey too. Through strangers, I’ve been trying to resolve it” said Dong. At 16, his father committed suicide and his contact with strangers helped him to overcome his trauma. He worked for the John Kerry presidential campaign and rode in buses across the country to register undecided voters. As former CNN war correspondent and traveled to Bosnia, Iran, and Rwanda, he saw the ravages of war; dead people, human suffering, and destruction of property. You can also follow him on twitter:

Dong Levitt has shared his experiences with the Greyhound Dairies in interviews on the print and media. He was featured as a guest on Channel 4 news in March 2017. He said his bus travels enabled him to gain the insights about the problems of the American society. He met a veteran who could not forgive himself for the death of his colleague in Afghanistan, a grandmother who talked about her recovered new life as a counselor from depression and crack cocaine addiction or a former marine having panic attacks.

Asked why he left CNN to ride in Greyhound bus, Dong explained that even though he came to terms with his father suicide he needed to be on the road and write songs and stories about people and their struggles to get by.Dong Levitt was one of those who predicted that Mr. Donald Trump would win the 2016 elections. He said that during his travels by bus “he saw a disconnect between people on the right with their politicians and an ignorance on the left to see what people really felt like in key swing states.”

Finding A Reason Choose Whitney Wolfe’s App From Among Others

For people that have decided that they want to try their hand with online dating, it is important to know exactly what to expect. While some people may have different chances with online dating, it is basically the same for most people. This is especially the case with people that are not having any success in offline dating.

One thing that must be important to understand is that the dating app is what makes the most difference for people. At least now it does. Ever since Whitney Wolfe has taken the time to put together something that stands out from all of the other apps that she has put together, there is now a reason to think that one person may find what was lacking in one app with another app.


When Whitney Wolfe has developed Bumble, she has taken a long look at online dating and has figured out many different issues with online dating as it is. One of the things that she has found is that things are rather skewed. Many would say that things are skewed in the favor of women. However, there are others that are saying that men are the ones that are having a better time because they don’t have to sort through a lot of junk.

With Bumble, Whitney has decided to take a different approach to dating apps. This time, she has decided to take away the advantages that both men and women have and let things work out in a different way. She has also made it so that everything seems urgent. When a man is presented as a match to a woman, she only has 24 hours to initiate contact with the man. The man who opens an account is unable to initiate unless it is with another man. This unique take on dating is what makes Tinder.

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There is an old saying that goes, “life after death.” What remains true is how little we know about death. In fact, all we know about life is that we are all going to die at some point. There is no scientific evidence that supports the idea of an afterlife, although there are many things that exist beyond our comprehension.

This includes the creation of the multi-verse and whether life exists on other planets. Our understanding is so limited, we still have yet to make it to the bottom of the ocean and we still have yet to complete our exploration of this planet. In the new podcast “Beyond The Darkness,” the paranormal experience is examined.

Beyond The Darkness can be found on WWE superstar Chris Jericho’s podcast, which is under the PodCastOne imprint. Forbes revealed that PodCastOne was founded by Norman Pattiz and is currently America’s largest advertiser-supported podcast network. The show is highly entertaining, featuring enlightening conversations about ghosts, apparitions and many things of that nature. It also shows Chris Jericho’s appeal outside of wrestling.

Every Monday, new episodes are expected to be released on, the PodcastOne app and iTunes. Although The Jericho Network already boasts a large audience, Beyond The Darkness should be expected to grow it even more.

Today, PodCast One hosts more than 200 of today’s most popular podcasts featuring Adam Carolla, Shaquille O’Neal and Steve Austin, to name a few. When one mentions PodCast One, they have to mention Norman Pattiz in the same breath.

Norman Pattiz is a highly successful individual. for 40 years, Norman Pattiz has graced the airwaves in the form of radio syndication. As one can imagine, Pattiz has many strongholds throughout the industry. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One, which became America’s largest provider of news, sports, entertainment, talk and traffic programming to the Broadcast Industry.

Westwood One owned, managed or distributed NBC radio networks, CNN radio,and a host of other talk shows and syndicated music shows. In 2010, Pattiz founded and launched Courtside Entertainment Group, which produced and distributed quality programming.

Although he is an originator, Pattiz was influenced by people like Bill Paley, Steve Ross and Dan Miller, his first boss in media sales. Based out in Los Angeles, California, his achievements are never ending. Evidently, Norman Pattiz is a pioneer. He set the standard for podcasts, talk shows and syndicated radio in general.

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The Finalist At Stevie® Awards 2017 is Securus Technologies

Securus Customer Service Department has got nominated as the finalist in the Sales and Customer Service category for the 2017 Stevie Award.

I would like to inform all that just three finalists are nominated. This means that Securus is already Gold, Silver or Bronze Stevie Award winner for the year 2017. The Stevie Awards are highly prestigious awards as they are also organizing seven leading business awards, and these are at a global level. These would include the International Business Awards besides the Stevie Awards for Great Employers. This is why I am so happy with this great success for Securus Technologies.

Everyone is simply waiting with bated breath to know the final results. These are going to be announced at the gala banquet to be held on Friday, February 24. It will be at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everyone including me is keen to watch the other finalists coming in from the U.S.A. along with those who will be coming in from other countries in the world.

This year the numbers have been amazing. There were 2,300 nominations which came from all kinds of organizations. These have come from each and every industry possible. The evaluations are made after the scores of 77 preliminary judges are averaged out. These judges are coming from all across the world. This year there are 61 categories in customer service along with contact center achievements.

Another interesting thing was the seven specialized committees to judge and decide who will be getting the Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Award placements. All are waiting for the final judging set to take place between January 23 and February 1, 2017.

Michael Gallagher, President as well as the founder of the Stevie Awards, said that the stories this year have been gripping and inspiring. So deciding these placements is going to be a real tough job.

The Natural Flavor of EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm broke the mundane barriers in the lip balm world when the colorful sphere shaped balms hit the market. The appealing look of the beautiful EOS lip balm is not the only highlight that has people drooling to get their hands on this product and the natural salve on their thirsty lips. The wide variety of flavors available from the Evolution of Smooth can strike anybody’s fancy. The Vitamin E infused lip balms are anything but ordinary.

One of the top desired flavors available is Blueberry Acai. This flavor is rarely heard of in the lip balm world and the Evolution of Smooth used this to their advantage. It’s easy to duplicate single common flavors, such as cherry, but that wouldn’t do for such an innovative brand like EOS. Blueberry Acai will have your lips looking smooth and your taste buds happy when the natural flavor happens to hit your tongue after application.

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Fruit flavors, although very popular – especially when they are harmonized together so well like in EOS lip balms, are not the only tantalizing options available. Sweet Mint brings it off the charts as another flavor brought out in an EOS lip balm flavor. One can keep the fresh mouth flavor around well into their day as they reapply this fresh moisturizing lip balm to their lips.  For Info check

The options are endless and it will be hard to resist any of the flavors offered by EOS. Pick up a variety of colorful sphere lip balms and wrap your smile in natural flavors all day long with EOS lip balm.

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